My latest review for all of you (poetic, ain't it?)
March 26, 2010


Fun game. Now back to Project: Snowblind. Shoot, shoot, shoot; kill, kill, kill.

And also my replaying of the first American Fire Emblem on the GBA, this time in Hector Mode instead of Eliwood Mode. Fun little battle of attrition at times. Did Chapter 13x to get Merlinus. Took me three tries, but that was more because my goal was to kill the boss and visit the village, rather than just surviving for the seven turns that is this fight's stipulation. Next up is my assault of Laus and the beating up up Erik, the dickish son of the Marquess of Laus.

Other potential projects: resuming MoH: Frontline and any number of "on hiatus" 360 titles. Also, my friend has a number of PS2 titles I want to play and has mentioned that after he's done playing/replaying a few GameCube games, he might let me borrow that, which would be cool, as he has a number of games there I wouldn't mind sampling.

All in all, things are great to be me...assuming I can focus on any one game long enough to play it through. My erratic nature just gets more pronounced as time goes on.

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