Mystic Ark: First Impressions
September 23, 2009

In the past couple of weeks, two different translation groups made complete patches for this SNES RPG that never was released in America. It's Enix's sorta-sequel to 7th Saga (which I didn't really like, as my review illustrates). I went with the Aeon patch, as Gideon is probably my pick for the top dude in the translation field, so I'd pure-and-simple go for his patch over anyone else's for a game.

I played for a couple hours and am currently looking at it as superior to 7th Saga by a long shot. While it's too early to tell (just fought King Mole), it seems things are balanced better so this game won't be a pure level-grinder like 7S was. And I really like how settings at least start out whimsical. Working with two warring groups of pirate cats wasn't what I expected to see after playing the more serious 7th Saga. From what I know about the game, it has a lot of lighthearted settings (Fairytale Kingdom, Children's Kingdom, etc.), so it'd kinda be hilarious if this game gets as difficult as 7th did.

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zanzard zanzard - September 24, 2009 (08:15 PM)
Hmmm... two "proper" patches for the same game? No Babelfish copy-paste patch?

What a missed opportunity for comedic gold I say! :p

Fun fact: babelfish translates the japanese word for "peace" as "standardization". Something to think about, no?

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