Work sucks!!!!
October 19, 2005

When you handle the sports for a small-town newspaper.....three parts of the year suck. Fall sports tournaments, winter sports tournaments and spring sports tournaments. Well, the fall stuff has begun and I'm swamped.

Still, with a little luck, I will have two reviews up before the end of the week. One that I'd started before I got sick and one I started today, but didn't have time to finish.

Then I have to figure out my next project. Gulliver Boy (SNES/S.Famicom) is a possibility, as is Dragon Warrior IV (NES) and Sonic 2 (GEN). Diverse array of old-school platforms there, isn't it?

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goldenvortex goldenvortex - October 21, 2005 (07:13 AM)
Get Sonic 2 done. We need more reviews for Sonic 2 on this site and more platformer reviews in general.
overdrive overdrive - October 21, 2005 (10:16 AM)
A strong possibility, as I'm likely closer to completing that than any of the others I mentioned.

Then, there's also my FPS contest game (keep forgetting about it.....probably cuz I played one bad FPS for the Alphabet contest.....and this one is only marginally better....), which I have to finish in the next two weeks.

Whole lotta stuff I have to play.

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