January 30, 2006

It's time for a bonafide treat for you people, as I, Overdrive, count down my (at the moment) TOP 10 MOST-VIEWED REVIEWS. Read with rapt attention as I beguile and bewitch you in ways you never knew possible. And here we go!!!!!!!!

10. Final Fantasy VIII (PS1) with 297 views

It all goes to show that if you bash a popular game, people want to read about it. It's not my best review. It's not really that well thought-out, organized or whatnot. Hell, I only finished around the mid-point of a frickin' GameFAQs contest with this thing. But the unwashed masses seem to get into reading it, so that's fine with me!

9. Pitfall II: Lost Caverns (A2600) with 309 views

This review's an interesting one. On one hand, it got RotW and I was all-but-ordered by Zig to use it in the 2004 Summer Team Tournament. On the other, it is a 1500ish-word review for an Atari 2600 game. Sure, it's well-written and all, but you can tell I hadn't learned the fine art of condensing thoughts when I'm spending that much time talking about this old of a game (even if it was complex for the time and system). Oh......yeah, Jihad's Red Dead Revolver crushed this one in that contest (yes, I do remember each and every one of my slights).

8. 1941: Counter Strike (SuperGrafx) with 412 views

My first RotW victory, I believe. Either this or Pitfall II was. I was still honing my skills, but obviously still was more than enough to catch the eye of people and get honored. Anyway, since only about four or six SuperGrafx games were ever made, it's cool to see my review for one of them get a lot of recognition and views.

7. Bahamut Lagoon (SNES) with 469 views

I'm especially proud of this review, as I'd been in a stage where most of my reviews were getting done in 1000-1200 words, but my ones for RPGs (and related sub-genres like strategy) were still long. This is my first "condensed" RPG review and the result was (in my opinion) one of my best efforts ever in that sort of genre.

6. Mega Man 6 (NES) with 590 views

Funny thing is that this review has more hits than my ones of MM1-5 combined. For you newer guys, that shows what having RotW can do for your views. I don't know that it's my best Mega Man review, but BY F-ING GOD, it's easily my most popular!

5. Bouken Danshaken Don San-Heart Hen (TG-16) with 612 views

Before you ask, no this ain't that fake game GUTS took second in an Alphabetolympics a ways back. It's a wacky-as-hell TG-16 shooter that, to my knowledge, has only been comprehensively reviewed in English by ME!!!!!! Overdrive: Making the Obscure Part of YOUR Life! Anyway, for that reason, I'm really proud of how popular this review has been. Kinda gives me a warm feeling inside to know a game is getting publicity and recognition due to my efforts.

4. Final Fight 2 (SNES) with 733 views

I wrote this shortly after my glowing praise of the arcade Final Fight. I thought this was more dry and analytical (foregoing paragraph-long renditions of Dug getting his ass handed to him). Apparently that was good. Not only did that Final Fight review get its ass handed to it in the 2005 Summer Team Competition, but this one has proven to be one of my most popular reviews. Moral of the story : Never predict what people will like most.

3. Final Fantasy VII (PS1) with 782 views

It's a bit long and I do ramble on at points, but this probably is one of my better attempts in reviewing a popular game I like long after everyone's already said everything worth saying about it. Those might be the toughest sort of reviews, as you have to give readers a reason to care what you have to say — even if they've read it all before a million times. I wouldn't put it in a contest or anything, but I'm proud of it.

2. Dragon Quest VIII (PS2) with 904 views

If you haven't read this review yet, do so now. And then beg, borrow or steal your way into possession of this game (or simply buy it, if that's how you roll). I loved playing this game and loved doing this review. Hell, I was so pumped up, I did two NES Dragon Warrior reviews just to help me focus. It might have only been judged the third-best review in that four-person team tourney, but that was more due to the competition than any failings this one had.

1. Final Fantasy III (SNES) with 1248 views

My "flawed masterpiece", this review was directly influenced by Zig's Emerald Dragon, which amazed me in how it was utterly captivating even though it hardly really even barely came close to scratching the surface of the actual gameplay. However, I loved the vivid plot descriptions and tried to create a review similar to that, yet still including some gameplay commentary. It got RotW and almost immediately got a ton of praise. Yet, it never had the contest impact I hoped for, finishing fourth or fifth in the Beat Zig contest and then being my quarterfinals-losing review in one of FFM's 32-person single-elimination tourneys on GameFAQs. Such is life.

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Genj Genj - January 30, 2006 (07:56 PM)
I have more hits for a certain game about beating and eating. Thanks, internet pervs!

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