I didn't like this Castlevania game so much....
December 11, 2008

Castlevania: The Adventure

Wasn't as good as most. Well, actually, I think it might be the worst I've ever played.

In brighter news, my broke ass finally got money saved up and will be getting an XBox 360 in the next 4-5 days! That's something to be happy about! That is, assuming nothing negative happens to, say, my car where I'd really wish I had that money, but that's the sort of potential issue I'm trying to block from my mind. Negative thoughts give you cancer.

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bluberry bluberry - December 11, 2008 (07:52 PM)
happy birthday
bloomer bloomer - December 12, 2008 (04:05 PM)
Subtitle 'The Adventure' is too sane and boring. A Castlevania game needs to have some paradoxical idiot subtitle like 'Dirge of Stacatto' or 'Passacaglia of Slamdancing'. That 's what went wrong here!
overdrive overdrive - December 13, 2008 (10:56 AM)
I think you're right. Maybe I should play it again while pretending it's called Castlevania: Quagmire of Hysteria and see if I like it more and how much more I do like it.

That ought to get the game up to a 6 or 7 right away!

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