Ain't writer's block a bitch?!
January 13, 2006

So, here I am wondering what happened to me....

In December, I finished my Dragon Quest VIII review, which was the third-highest rated review in the Beat EmP team competition and I'm feeling great about things.

Then.....I do a half-ass review of Riddle of the Sphinx.....

Now, I just submitted a Karnov review that took me a week to write. I'd do a paragraph or two and then....stop for a day or two.

I have a GG Aleste review waiting to be written, but inspiration hasn't struck me yet as to how to do that.

My brain's broke.....I think I need a new one....

On a side note, I've been playing those fan-made Doom wads I was all orgasmic about in August or so again. It's amazing just how fantastic ones like Alien Vendetta and Requiem are, especially when you compare them to the lesser ones like Twilight Zone 2. I'd been saying that the key-hunt levels in TZ2 were fun, if repetitive, for some time. Then, I did Requiem's fifth level ("The Canyon"). That is the best key-hunting level I've EVER played in my life. All three major areas were completely different, only connected by a courtyard hub. The first area (industrial, maybe?) was well-designed, if a bit bland. The second part was an awesome "Inferno"-based region, though, and the third area with a breathtaking bridge across a huge canyon. Lot of enemy teleportation traps and other cool stuff to make the large-scale fights pretty tough.

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lasthero lasthero - January 13, 2006 (11:06 AM)
You're way more experienced than me, so there's probably not much I can give you as advice that you don't already know.

I will say that I think I went through a similar thing after I won the FPS tourney (Magna Carta being the lowest point) I think it just helps to try a new approach to your writing. I mean, just about everyone takes a different approach to their writing, and they're usual methodical about it. So...switch it up. Trying tackling a review in a new way, and see what happens. Or try reviewing types of games that your normally wouldn't do; I've been playing and reviewing older, more obscure games over the past two weeks, and it's a nice change of pace.
honestgamer honestgamer - January 13, 2006 (07:55 PM)
lasthero's advice is what I do, to an extent. These days, I mostly let fate decide what I review. If I review a game, I probably got it for free or I had to play through it to give myself a basis for other games that I'll soon be reviewing of a similar nature... If you have the luxury to choose, definitely mix it up a bit and don't be afraid to experiment in new and interesting ways. Not every experiment will turn out well, but you'll have a lot of fun and in the process, find things you do well that you never knew you did well... (That last sentence sucked.)
EmP EmP - January 14, 2006 (06:23 AM)
I find that writing while drunk helps. Otherwise, abuse review-enhancing drugs. Like Red Bull!

The main thing is not to force yourself to write. The forced review may turn out fine, but it will only add to your burnout and not detract from it.

This sagely advice has just cost you $10, or a NTSC PS2 with a copy of WA:ACF....
overdrive overdrive - January 14, 2006 (07:15 PM)
A ways back, I did write my review for Curse (Genny shooter) while drinking, but I think I finished it before things could get too ugly.
bluberry bluberry - January 15, 2006 (12:17 PM)
You need to recommend me some death metal songs. Are Suffocation good?

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