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January 23, 2008

Well, I started my entries in EmP's Alphabet Marathon.

Here's my first entry: F = Flying Hero

Considering I'm planning to do a review for Final Fantasy XII this year, one might wonder why I reviewed a game beginning with "F" for my first entry in this thing. And the only answer I can give you is that I was doped to the gills on medicine and, therefore, that didn't enter my head.

Potential games that will be reviewed for this (and possibly other) contests in the near future:

A: Ace Combat 4, Adventures of Lolo (yes, another two games for one letter thing)
D: Dragon Quest V
F: Final Fantasy XII
T: Tales of Legendia

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Felix_Arabia Felix_Arabia - January 23, 2008 (12:56 PM)
You make me cry tears of anguish.
nash nash - January 23, 2008 (02:30 PM)
The hiddenest shooter gem on the SNES. Good pick.
Genj Genj - January 23, 2008 (02:52 PM)
Final Fantasy XII is dope.
EmP EmP - January 24, 2008 (12:53 AM)
Close. Liking FFXIII makes you a dope.

And Haha @ Opeth.

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