How a review gets created: the anatomy of Wizardry -- Part 2
December 02, 2007

So, now I'd figured out my lead (read or re-read Part 1 if your itty-bitty head is confused right now), but after writing a handful of paragraphs, I had a problem.

Simply put, in looking for strong, attention-grabbing language, I'd painted myself into a corner. The direction my review was taking was that I'd talk about how the game is easier if you know that a large part of the maze, which includes the trickiest floors, doesn't have to be visited — followed by how I'd talk about all the little tricks and traps in the game that make it so it's never truly easy. But my language in those early paragraphs strongly hinted that the game's a piece of cake if you know where to go.

So, I had to rewrite chunks of my opening paragraphs to more accurately portray my views. After doing this, it was simplicity itself to finish off the review. However, there was still a bit more to do.

One thing I've been working on a bit is tightening up my work and not letting it get too long. So, I didn't want this one to bloat up to 1200-1400 words. I wanted to stay right around 1000, give or take a few dozen. And it can be easy to bloat a review like this, where a good portion of it consists of listing and describing aspects of the game that add to its difficulty.

So, I had to chop out or just lightly mention a few aspects of the game. Such as how devastating the poison status effect can be early in the game because it takes cleric-types a long time to learn the spell to remove it, it costs a lot to cure it at the temple AND an afflicted character loses 1 HP per step taken in the dungeon, which means they ain't gonna have much time to get to town before they die (which is even more expensive to remedy).

So, as you can see, a lot of work goes into being as awesome of a reviewer as I am! You always have to be thinking to stay on top of your game!

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disco1960 disco1960 - December 03, 2007 (03:12 PM)
I found this series to be very enlightening!
overdrive overdrive - December 04, 2007 (10:22 AM)
Thank you!

Overdrive lives to inform (especially via thinly-disguised attempts to plug his blog and get more hits than people like EmP)!

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