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July 16, 2007

At the newspaper I work at, we have a very annoying advertising rep. She was on vacation last week. I was happy. She's back this week....and keeps talking....and talking....and talking. Not really to me, but just to anyone in general. Obviously, since this is a newspaper, people are going to communicate, but she never seems to shut up. She asks questions about things anyone with a bit of intelligence could figure out on their own with a few seconds of deliberation.....blabbers about meaningless things....and just generally wastes enough oxygen in any given day to make Mars a habitable planet.

I now understand the fascination of LARPing. I currently wish I was Urgoor the Barbarian so I could take my +2 Battleaxe of Infinite Smiting and slam that thing right through her skull. That'd be so fucking cool.

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Felix_Arabia Felix_Arabia - July 16, 2007 (02:11 PM)
Just don't wind up in jail like a certain someone.
Genj Genj - July 16, 2007 (08:19 PM)
Us guys in the "industry" call that murder.
overdrive overdrive - July 17, 2007 (06:26 AM)
Well, good news! I resisted that temptation yesterday.

But, today's a new day.....and she's just as annoying and Tuesday's always the most pressure-packed day of the week here....

Must quell the unstoppable tide that is Ugdor....or whatever my barbarian character's name was.....Umdok? Uvula? Remington Marquis III? Max Power?

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