That was an ordeal....
April 18, 2007

Man.....that took a long time. I finally finished my review for Star Ocean: The Second Story.

About three weeks ago, I started it. I've mainly been just playing a couple of RPGs, so I had no reviews on the horizon, so I figured I'd review one of my old favorites from yesteryear. The game had left enough of an impression on me I figured it'd be no problem at all for me to crank out a review in one or two typing sessions.

Wrong! It took about one week to settle on an introduction I liked and I felt could segue into my review. It didn't help that while I remembered the feelings I had for the game, I couldn't remember minor details like character and place names, so I had to constantly reference a FAQ for that stuff. Since I'm usually pretty lazy, that would sap my desire to type.....which dragged this thing out for days and days.

Well, it's finally done! Read and enjoy! While I pray I didn't just submit a laundry list of inaccuracies due to the ravages of time on my memories.

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