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N64 classic Pokemon Snap coming to Switch

New Pokemon Snap image

Bandai Namco taking on development of the updated New Pokemon Snap

It's been 21 years since Pokemon Snap first allowed Nintendo 64 fans to take pictures of their favorite pocket monsters in their natural environment. Now, Nintendo is bringing it to its popular Switch handheld console.

The game was revealed today by the Pokemon Company on its Pokemon Presents livestream. It also confirmed it with a tweet:

According to Nintendo's official page for the game:

Photograph lively wild Pokémon in their natural habitats as you research and explore unknown islands. Journey through a variety of environments such as beaches and jungles to capture previously-unseen Pokémon behaviors. The photos you take can also be used to fill out your very own Pokémon Photodex!

While the original game was developed by HAL Laboratory (and a Wii U version by Pax Softnica), the New Pokemon Snap will be developed by Bandai Namco. No release date has been set.

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Staff article by John Keefer (June 17, 2020)

John has been a gamer since Pong, and has covered games as a journalist since 1999. Before that, he was a journalist for 20 years. His favorite genres are RTS and RPG, and his favorite game is World of Warcraft.

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