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Vanilla Doom 3 available on Steam again

Enjoy your mods again with the most polarizing game in the series!

Last month, the original version of Id's divisive shooter Doom 3 was yanked from Steam. The vanilla version was pulled so as not to draw sales away from the BFG Edition.

The BFG bundle includes Doom, Doom 2 and an updated version of Doom 3. However, fans of the game considered this "enhanced" edition to be worse than the original game. Updates include The Lost Missions expansion pack, the ability to wield the flashlight and gun simultaneously, and the removal of the option to install mods. The mod community for Doom 3 thrives to this day and many think the ability to use the flashlight and gun at once takes away from the game's challenge and tense atmosphere.

The original version of Doom 3 wasn't just pulled from Steam, but was removed from any site selling a digital copy. The only choice was to buy a disc from Amazon or Ebay and install it the old fashioned way. Fans, like the Giant Bombcast's Patrick Klepeck and Brad Shoemaker, raised a stink and the game is available once again on Steam for $13. Of course, you still have the option of buying the BFG bundle for $30, but Doom and Doom 2 are each available for only $5 each. So, the math doesn't really work out in the BFG Edition's favor.

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Staff article by Matthew Jay (November 12, 2012)

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