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Tales of Hearts remake coming to Vita

Here's hoping we get to play it!

It looks like Tales of Innocence isn't the only Tales remake coming to Vita.

Tales of Hearts R, a remake of Tales of Hearts has been announced for the PlayStation Vita. The enhanced remake will be rendered in full 3D, includes a fully voiced scenario, new events, and a new character named Kalsedoni.

Hearts was originally released for Nintendo DS, but never came to the US. Two versions of the game were released; the Anime Movie Edition and the CG Movie Edition. Producer Hideo Baba says he wants the west to experience this game, so that could be taken as a sign that we may see a western release. Plenty of Vita titles like Dokuro and New Little King's Story, that might not have seen release otherwise, have been released exclusively for download on the PlayStation Network in lieu of a retail release. Maybe Namco will take this money-saving route to give us a chance at playing this remake.

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Staff article by Matthew Jay (October 26, 2012)

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