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XSEED bringing Corpse Party: Book of Shadows to PSP this winter

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It was a miracle that we even got the first game, so what does that make this? A SUPER-MIRACLE?

Once again, XSEED Games is bringing the US an awesome game that otherwise would probably never see release outside of Japan.

Surprisingly terrifying JRPG Corpse Party will be getting a sequel in America this winter, and Europe "shortly thereafter." Corpse Party: Book of Shadows collects eight self-contained episodes set in the Corpse Party universe. Like the first game, Book of Shadows will be released exclusively for download on the PSP.

XSEED localization specialist Tom Lipschultz says on the PlayStation Blog:

Some of them help fill in the blanks of what happened during crucial off-camera scenes from the original game. Others go into the back-story of various characters, helping to flesh them out and make their roles in the series mythos a bit clearer. Still others ask 'what if?,' presenting an alternate version of events from the first game in which characters who previously died are kept alive and given a fleeting chance to stay that way.

The final chapter will act as a direct sequel to the events of the first game.

To celebrate the announcement, XSEED is putting Corpse Party on sale for $9.99 for two weeks starting tomorrow. It's great, compatible with Vita, and perfect for this time of year.

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Staff article by Matthew Jay (October 22, 2012)

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