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Set your toys on fire...on the Wii U and Steam in November 2012!

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I'd set my toys on fire if my mom hadn't sold them all in a garage sale. Guess she didn't see the snow coming!

If you look up in the sky, you will see just how cold the world has become. Are you feeling cold? If so, it may be too late! Quickly, burn your toys! BURN THEM. Into the furnace they go; get that cold away.

In November 2012, fans of World of Goo and Henry Hatsworth will be able to interact with a game that has been wrapped in fiery mystery. Have the revelations of gameplay been sealed away in the furnace? The Wii U (and Steam) suddenly seem much brighter with this furnace burning.

The game's developers have made several promises. First, this game is 100% indie. There is no Kickstarter project or office, and there are no publishers. Secondly, the game was made by only 3 people. Those developers also promise that the game has zero waste. Is this the first "green" video game? They promise that the game is as short and perfect as possible, so it just may be.

You can feel the warm embrace of the furnace on Youtube, right here.

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Staff article by Nick LaLone (September 29, 2012)

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