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Fable: The Journey's demo now available on Xbox Live

Fable: The Journey image

Catch a sneak peak of Albion from a new perspective.

If you journey over to the Xbox Live demos section today, you'll likely encounter Fable: The Journey as the first New Release available, as its demo has gone live today.

The Kinect-exclusive title is due out in early October, giving potential buyers a little under a month to try out the the title, which is a far cry from the usual Fable fare. Instead of a third-person, semi-open world role player, The Journey is a first-person adventure that'll make you put down the controller and explore the world of Albion, solve puzzles and summon magic in combat with Kinect interaction.

Though Fable veterans will likely be surprised at The Journey's new direction, we're hoping Lionhead Studios, the same developer that made the Fable series known among gaming circles, can deliver a Kinect experience fans of Albion can appreciate. We can only have a taste now with this demo, but we'll make a final verdict once the game ships on Oct. 9.

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Staff article by Jonathan Davila (September 17, 2012)

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