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Xenoblade Chronicles Dev Working on Wii U Title

Let's hope we get to play it.

This morning, during the Nintendo Direct presentation in Japan, the company revealed that Monolith Soft, the developers behind Xenoblade Chronicles, will be working on a title for the Wii U. That's about it, though. No name, date or any info other than the game's potential existence was revealed, but I think we can look forward to this hypothetical game.

In addition to Xenoblade Monolith developed all of the Xenosaga games, Baiten Kaitos and Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier. That's a pretty good track record and I'm anxious to see what they can do on an HD console.

When the people at Nintendo of America initially refused to localize Xenoblade Chronicles in that region, the efforts of fan-driven, grassroots campaign Operation Rainfall changed their minds. Rainfall also helped bring us The Last Story, with the help of publisher XSEED Games, and fans are currently working to secure a US release for Pandora's Tower, also a Nintendo-published title overseas. Let's hope we don't have to work as hard to play Monolith's Wii U game. I'm sure the enthusiastic response to Xenoblade and the fact that Wii U is a young console will help the forthcoming title's chances at localization.

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Staff article by Matthew Jay (September 13, 2012)

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