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Send Valve Your Spookiest TF2 Designs for Halloween

Have your work featured in one of the most popular PC games ever.

In Steam Workshop amateur designers can submit their own ideas for items to appear in Team Fortress 2. Valve has asked all fans interested in having their work featured in the PC mega hit to submit their spookiest, grossest and scariest designs for Halloween.

Submit your idea for something Halloween-y by October 1st and it could actually be featured as an item in Team Fortress 2! The Workshop has already seen a deluge of slimy and creepy items like the Medic's Blood Bank and Sir Spooky the gentleman ghost. So get moving and translate your deepest, darkest fears into a cool accessory for your favorite TF2 characters.

I tried making my fears into something TF2 related, but Steam rejected it because they'd have to bump the game up to an AO rating. Because of all the nudity.

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Staff article by Matthew Jay (September 12, 2012)

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