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PaRappa Designer Unhappy With PlayStation All-Stars' Weapon-based Violence

PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale image

But he's gotta believe in a new PaRappa game.

Rodney Greenblat, character designer for PlayStation classics PaRappa the Rapper and UmJammer Lammy, stated his feelings on PaRappa's inclusion in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale in an interview with Not Enough Shaders.

When asked what he thought of the rapping dog's revival Greenblat stated, "I’m very happy that Parappa is making a bit of a comeback, but not so happy about him being in a weapon filled battle game." At least while other characters like God of War's Kratos use their signature weapons, PaRappa remains true to his roots and his moveset doesn't use any.

Greenblat does mention that Battle Royale is a fun game. Though I'm sure he's disappointed in the game's lack of sick beats and mad rhymez.

"My hope is that Sony realizes the golden true potential of PaRappa and asks me to design some new games. I’ve learned a lot, and I think PaRappa could be great again."

We'd all like that, Rodney. We all would.

Read the full interview at Not Enough Shaders and look forward to PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale on PS3 November 20th.

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Staff article by Matthew Jay (September 11, 2012)

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