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[Update: North America too!] HD, Move-enabled Okami headed to Japan in November

Okami HD image

No North American or European news yet, though.

[UPDATE: Literally as soon as I posted this, I received a press release from Capcom announcing Okami HD for North America. The $19.99 title will be a PlayStation Network download and, of course, still include Move and 1080p support. However, while a Nov. 1 was confirmed by Famitsu for the title, Capcom did not offer anything more specific than "fall" for Okami HD.]

Clover Studios' beloved 2006 title Okami is getting the HD treatment in Japan, according to a Famitsu report, as translated by Andriasang. It'll hit the PlayStation 3 on Nov. 1.

The HD remake, called Okami Zekkie-ban, which translates to "Okami Magnificent Version," will also feature PlayStation Move support and full 1080p visuals, according to the report. Buyers of the first run of the game will also feature a code for a Play View version of an Okami-based book.

No mention was made of a North American or European release of the game, which aside from its initial PlayStation 2 iteration, also has a Wii port. Both versions of the title achieved critical success, with critics loving the game's hand-painted visual style and Zelda-like gameplay.

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Staff article by Jonathan Davila (June 19, 2012)

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Roto13 posted June 19, 2012:


Just remember to put he credits in this time.
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Suskie posted June 19, 2012:

I hope they remember to edit the IGN watermark out of the cover art for this release.

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