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ZOE HD Collection lands in Japan in October, new ZOE 'project' announced

Zone of the Enders HD Collection image

U.S. info. is still pretty scarce.

Zone of the Enders HD Collection will dock in Japan on Oct. 25, and a new sequel in the series is in-the-making, according to announcements made by Kojima Productions at a ZOE HD ReBOOT Preview event in Japan today.

The sequel is currently being developed under the codename "Enders Project." Hideo Kojima himself said the game is currently in the early prototyping phase, and key staff are currently testing to see what can be done with the studio's in-house Fox Engine.

As for the upcoming ZOE HD Collection, no U.S. release date was announced, but like the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection before it, it looks like we can expect a pretty nifty limited edition of the title. In Japan, a limited edition of the collection will include a special box (of course), along with a soundtrack, two booklets, a "Chronicle Book" that recreates the booklets from the 2001 and 2003 games and a "ReBOOT Book" that includes dialogue between Kojima and artist Yoji Shinkawa.

We'll keep our eyes and ears out for any info. on the U.S. version of the HD collection for you, as well as anything new on the just-announced sequel.

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Staff article by Jonathan Davila (May 25, 2012)

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JoeTheDestroyer posted May 25, 2012:

They should include Fist of Mars as an unlockable bonus game.
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bbbmoney posted May 26, 2012:

With Kojima apparently having lost his mind (Metal Gear Rising), I'm not sure if that means good things or bad things for ZoE3...
board icon
Roto13 posted May 26, 2012:

Rising is going to be amazing.

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