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Kingdom Hearts 3D gets a series-first limited edition box set

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Not to be shown up by Halo 4's limited edition, Square Enix today announced a limited edition of its own.

Not to be shown up by Halo 4's limited edition, Square Enix today announced a limited edition of its own: the Kingdom Hearts 3D Marks of Mastery edition.

The limited edition will, of course, include the game itself, housed in a Kingdom Hearts-branded magnetic box, as well as a clear hard case skin, 12 art cards, five augmented reality (AR) cards and 360 degree viewing stand to make ogling the AR cards' spawn even more better. How's that for a 10-year anniversary package?

The box set, a series first for the Kingdom Hearts franchise, will launch alongside the normally packaged game on July 31 and will retail at a suggested price of $54.99.

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Staff article by Jonathan Davila (May 16, 2012)

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zippdementia posted May 16, 2012:

DAMN that's a good price for such a package! I'm tempted to pick it up and I don't even have (or want) a 3DS.

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