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Dead Man's Chest and the Naruto Review
July 07, 2006

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja

I can feel your stares.

This one came out of nowhere; I picked it up expecting a laugh and some bash review fodder (bash reviews are my weak spot, it seems, so I'm going to try and hone them in the future) but instead got a solid Super Smash Bros. styled fighter.

Anyway, just got back from watching Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest. Great movie, everything I was hoping for a lot more, maybe a little too much more. The movie is long. Not King Kong long, but long, and you start to feel it after a while. It also gets a little too complex sometimes, and has some plot holes (why the hell is Jack the Monkey still cursed?), but overall, it's good stuff, and it has one HELL of an ending. You'll never see it coming, I swear.

Can't wait for the third one.

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tristis_iranica tristis_iranica - July 07, 2006 (10:11 PM)
I drink wallets full of Kool-Aid. Bright lights in my shining eyes. Boner cock. Bacon breasts. Nipples full of FUCK.

Yeah, I enjoy the refried spatulas and hairy bicycles you so highly speak of.
mariner mariner - July 08, 2006 (06:56 AM)
Looks like someone didn't stay after the credits of the first Pirates movie...

(Jack grabbed a piece of the gold at the end of the movie, thereby cursing him yet again. So it's not a plothole.)
lasthero lasthero - July 08, 2006 (07:00 AM)
Oh, he's still cursed? That explains a lot.

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