Invalid characterset or character set not supported Wolverine...die...[SPOILER, MAYBE]

Wolverine...die...[SPOILER, MAYBE]
June 30, 2006

And he still regenerated.

Starting to see where a lot of the Wolverine hate comes from...

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draqq_zyxx draqq_zyxx - June 30, 2006 (08:06 PM)
First Reaction - Artwork for Magic: The Gathering.
galactus21 galactus21 - June 30, 2006 (10:57 PM)
Is this a screen from the issue that came out this week? If so, is this when Nitro pulls a Stamford and explodes on Wolvie?
Genj Genj - July 01, 2006 (07:51 AM)
Why does his skeleton have red eyes?
draqq_zyxx draqq_zyxx - July 02, 2006 (08:51 AM)
Because he's Totally Rad.
galactus21 galactus21 - July 02, 2006 (02:58 PM)
Did you read Uncanny X-Men 474? A total let down, especially since I enjoyed the earlier issues in the Jamie Braddock arc.

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