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Lego RoboCop: Movies 1-3
September 14, 2012

A few years ago on, I suggested that Lego should make a Lord of the Rings game and I'm glad to hear they are currently developing one. Now, I need another Lego game to be wishful for and that is Lego RoboCop Trilogy.

Imagine Murphy getting blasted to pieces in a comical yet still adult manner. Then imagine people putting him back together using various Lego parts.

Emil could get run over by a car and his Lego pieces could go flying everywhere in Part 1. In Part 2, we could see RoboCop lift a hinge off of Cain's back and smash a Lego brain on the street. In RoboCop 3, we could see RoboCop wear a jetpack accessory.

I'd even love to see real RoboCop Lego sets including Murphy, Lewis, and his car, RoboCop with two engineers and the charging chair, RoboCop Vs ED-209 set, and RoboCop Vs RoboCain set. I also would like to see a Model Team RoboCop figure, a Technic RoboCop figure, and a programmable RoboCop.

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