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Street Fighter X Tekken Desired Match-Ups
April 14, 2011

I hear Capcom is cutting half of its Super Street Fighter IV roster for make way for Tekken characters. To me, that is a big mistake. There are so many good characters, you can easily have two rivals per character.

If I were in charge of the project, I would feature 3 matches, one rival match, 3 more matches, and one more rival match, before the boss match.

In Tag Mode, I would have both rivals team up together.

The following characters would be matched up like so:

Street Fighter Vs Tekken

Ryu Vs Jin, Kazuya
Ken Vs Paul, Bob
Dan Vs Dr. Bosconovitch, Gon
Sakura Vs Panda, Ling Xiaouyu
Chun Li Vs Anna, Nina
E. Honda Vs Bob, Ganryu
Guile Vs Paul, Bryan Fury
Zangief Vs Panda, Kuma
Vega Vs Kunimistu, Yoshimitsu
M. Bison Vs Lee, Heihachi
Akuma Vs Jin, Kazuya
Shin Akuma Vs Devil Jin, Devil Kazuya
Guy Vs Lee, Raven
Fei Long Vs Lee, Law
T. Hawk Vs Julia, Craig Marduk
Juni Vs Michelle, Julia
Cammy Vs Christie, Nina
Dee Jay Vs Hworang, Eddy Gordo
Gen Vs Ling Xiaouyu, Wang
Rolento Vs Jack 7.0, Bryan Fury
Evil Ryu Vs Devil Jin, Devil Kazuya
Gouken Vs Jinpachi
Ultimate M. Bison Vs Devil Jin, Devil Kazuya
Rose Vs Anna, Angel

Tekken Vs Street Fighter

Kazuya vs Ken, Ryu
Devil Kazuya Vs Violent Ken, Evl Ryu
Jin Vs Ken, Ryu
Devil Jin Vs Violent Ken, Ryu
Paul Vs Rufus, Guile
Bryan Fury Vs Guile, Abel
Kuma Vs Zangief, Blanka
Jack 7.0 Vs E.Honda, Zangief
Yoshitmitsu Vs Guy, Vega
Bob Vs Rufus, Ken
Nina Vs Cammy, Juri
Anna Vs Chun Li, Rose
Craig Marduk Vs Alex, Abel
King Vs Hakan, El Fuerte
Heihachi Vs M. Bison, Akuma
Jinpachi Vs Gouken, Oni Akuma
Julia Vs Juni, Juli
Law Vs Gen, Fei Long
Steve Fox Vs Dudley, Balrog
Hworang Vs Adon, Juri
Baek Vs Juri, Sagat

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darketernal darketernal - April 15, 2011 (03:21 AM)
I just want to see Heihachi chuck the most powerful characters from Street Fighter from a volcano top, since that seems to be a fetish to him.

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