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I like playing video games, but when I'm not doing that, I'm watching videos about video games or possibly watching a movie based upon a video game. Sometimes I like watching anime about video games as well.

Game Favs
April 23, 2007

Top 5:70's Arcade Games:AsteroidsMissle CommandWarlordsPongNight Driver80's Arcade GamesGalagaMs. PacmanDig DugFinal LapPole Position IIEarly 90's Arcade GamesX-MenTMNTTMNTIV: Turtles in TimeSunset RidersRevolution XLate 90's Arcade GamesCruis n' WorldTime Crisis 3House of the Dead 2Crazy TaxiDDR ExtremeAtari 2600 GamesPitfallKeystone KapersBoxingPlaque AttackDemon AttackNES GamesSuper Mario Bros. 3Mega Man 2ShatterhandNinja Gaiden IICalifornia GamesSNES GamesDonkey Kong CountryStar FoxSuper Castlvania IVF-ZeroContra IIIN64 GamesStar Fox 64Donkey Kong 64Mario Kart 64Goldeneye 007Gauntlet LegendsGCN GamesSuper Smash Bros. MeleeAnimal CrossingSoul Calibur IIMetroid PrimeMetroid Prime 2: EchoesGenesis GamesComic Zone

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