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After the cutscene that concluded the first mission, you'll wake up in your motel room and it's time to get to work on the next act. You will receive some objectives that don't seem to be linked to any particular mission, but you still need to complete them before you can get back to work so I'll cover them here.

Exit your motel room.

This one is easy. You can grab items from around your room, or you can head immediately outside for a more substantial objective.

Profile people for potential crimes near your hideout.

As you head out onto the balcony, you'll find it a lot more lively than it was the previous evening. There are people roaming around on the upper level, and you can head past them and hack their phones for easy cash.

Watch Dogs screenshot - Act I: Big BrotherWatch Dogs screenshot - Act I: Big Brother

While you do that, you're looking for someone who might be a bit criminal in his inclinations. You should soon find your target.

Investigate the potential crime area.

You should see a point on your map now where a crime is likely to occur. You can head to your main map and set a waypoint there if you like, or just head to the icon. It's not very far away, just along a few blocks on the street. You can jog there.

Watch Dogs screenshot - Act I: Big BrotherWatch Dogs screenshot - Act I: Big Brother

As you get near to your destination, you'll be advised that you should get close, then let the profiler program determine the criminal you need to prevent from committing a crime. Your goal is to get close without being seen, and then to chase down the criminal individual.

Head forward after that prompt, and you should see a pawn shop. You can enter it and head through the back door, then look right along an alley. A guy should be standing against a wall, texting. There will be a yellow diamond over his head. He is your target. Be careful not to get too close, or you'll spook him away before he commits the anticipated crime. If that happens, you stil complete the objective, but your reputation won't improve as desired.

Watch Dogs screenshot - Act I: Big BrotherWatch Dogs screenshot - Act I: Big Brother

When you complete that objective, whether by successfully catching the guy in the act or by being spotted ahead of time, you'll likely receive two phone calls. One is from your sister, who wants you to attend a party. The second is from Jordi, who offers to deliver you cars. When that call concludes, you can and should test out his service.

Not every car is available, but you should be able to find a vehicle that works. Summon it for the required fee, then walk over to its space, where indicated on your map. Get in the car and then start driving. You can drive to the Campaign point on your map.

Join the party in the back yard.

Once you activate the Big Brother mission from that point, you will be provided a new destination just inside a gated community. Head through the open gate and along the street, and then to a house on your left with balloons in front.

Watch Dogs screenshot - Act I: Big BrotherWatch Dogs screenshot - Act I: Big Brother

The door is locked, but you can head around the right side of the building to find a narrow alley. It leads to the back yard. When you reach the yard, a scene follows. Once it concludes, you can head indoors.

Head inside Nicky's home.

Enter the house, which is now directly ahead of you. A scene follows, wherein Nicky receives a threatening phone call.

Listen in on Nicky's phone.

When the phone call reaches a certain point, you will be prompted to hack the phone. Once you hack the call, the conversation will eventually end and a scene follows. Then you leave the house.

Take down the suspect.

You need to catch the person who was calling your sister. However, that individual is moving quickly, in a vehicle. You need one of your own. Fortunately, there should be a vehicle just ahead of you.

Hop into the car and start driving. You can watch your map for an indication of your target's location. Driving through traffic is going to take some getting used to, depending on what racing and driving games you might have played I the past, but traffic is light and you shouldn't have trouble catching up to the vehicle.

Watch Dogs screenshot - Act I: Big BrotherWatch Dogs screenshot - Act I: Big Brother

Once you get within range, press the button indicated to "Neutralize" the car and cause the thug to crash. He will get out of his vehicle and start running on foot, so you can chase him in the same manner and soon catch up to him. When you get close enough, a button prompt will appear and you can take down the thug.

Hack the caller's phone for answers.

With the thug now lying harmlessly in the street, you can check his phone to figure out something about his motivation. Hack the phone to complete the mission. You can also press a button to unlock a new weapon: the 1911.

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