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Complete the mission in Act II known as "A Risky Bid" and you'll gain the ability to investigate a human traficking operation.

Watch Dogs screenshot - Human TrafficWatch Dogs screenshot - Human Traffic

To complete this mission, you must find ten clients and hack their phones, one at a time. After you hack each phone, you'll gain the location of a briefcase. Make sure that you quickly press the button when prompted, to automatically place a waypoint without having to search the map to find the icon of the briefcase.

Then you can travel to that location and scan a security router to play a hacking mini-game and gain access to their residences or storage facilities or workplaces, where you can hack the briefcase to extract its contents. Note that in each case, you can fast travel to a nearby hideout to cut down on travel time (or else you're going to be spending a lot of time crisscrossing the map).

Watch Dogs screenshot - Human TrafficWatch Dogs screenshot - Human Traffic

The locations of the ten people you can find, along with their corresponding briefcase locations, follow below. You can find the clients in any order you like, but I've numbered them so it's easier to keep track of your progress.
  1. Find the man visiting his wife's grave in the Pawnee graveyard, a short distance northwest from the north side of the broken bridge on the map. The man's briefcase is located very near the far southeast corner of the map, in Brandon Docks.
  2. A man is in the Brandon Docks area, almost directly due east from that region's eastern hideout, near the water. He's standing by a large boat, talking on his phone. The briefcase is located slightly west of due north from the Bunker, on the main land mass. From the street sidewalk, start around the building to find the security router you need to intrude.
  3. Near the northwest corner of The Loop, around 300m due north from where you find the second briefcase referenced above, you'll find the buyer standing to the side of a cobblestone alleyway between skyscrapers. His briefcase is in Mad Mile, a couple of blocks or so west of your hideout along the east side of that region. You'll find the security router under an awning.
  4. In Made Mile, look for the set of two large buildings (one of them being the Merlaut Hotel) that extend furthest east. You can find the buyer in the wide space between those two buildings. You'll have to open a gate to get through to the plaza. His briefcase is located in the Brandon Docks area, a short distance southeast of the thick gray bridge that connects it to The Loop (and a short distance southwest from the local hideout). You'll find the router on the right side of the building as you come at it from the street. There's a mesh fence with a gate.
  5. Almost due south of the hideout located along the western side of the Brandon Docks area, you'll find a buyer standing near a rack full of boats, talking on the phone and looking out over the water. His briefcase is located to the southwest of the eastern hideout in The Loop. The router is visible from the street, on a wall along the side of the alley.
  6. From the hideout on the far west side of the map, you can head almost diretly due east (veering ever so slightly south) to reach a marina along the waterfront. The buyer is standing on one of the docks, near a moored boat covered in a gray tarp. The briefcase is southwest from the marina, almost directly due south from the western hideout. The security router is easy to see, positioned along a wall to the side of a closed bay door.
  7. You can find a buyer near the very north side of the Parker Square region. He is standing on a restaurant's open deck, looking out over a lake. When you scan him, you'll find that his briefcase is located near the northernmost point in The Wards, closely bordered by the Brandon Docks and Parker Square regions. There's a row of red brick houses, and the security router is easy to spot, at the edge of a grassy yard along the brick.
  8. Near the side of The Wards that borders Brandon Docks to the northeast, you can find another buyer. He is near a couple of portable toilets, talking on the phone at the edge of some rubble. His briefcase is located about a block east from the north hideout in the Mad Mile region. Look for the security router on a wall on the side of a breezeway area.
  9. A couple of blocks south and then a block or so west from the north hideout in the Mad Mile region, you'll find a buyer in an outdoor park of sorts, talking on the phone. It's between the two long buildings that run left-to-right like an '=' sign on the map. Hack his phone to find that his briefcase is located along the western side of the map, almost exactly due west from the hideout on the eastern side of the Parker Square region. The router is locate behind a newspaper stand, on the wall of the large red theater.
  10. Near the north side of The Loop, northeast of the hideout in that region, you'll find a man standing near some patio furniture at the edge of a drained pool. Hack him and you'll learn that his briefcase is near the southeast corner of The Wards region. Head there and find the router on the wall between some of the apartment units.
Once you find the last of the first ten men, you'll discover the location of the eleventh member of the group.

Watch Dogs screenshot - Human TrafficWatch Dogs screenshot - Human Traffic

You'll receive your new destination once you find the ten bidders. Now it's time to meet with the guy who was in charge of it all. He'll be located near the very northwest corner of the region known as The Loop.

Travel to the waypoint (you can fast travel to a point nearby to speed up the process) and then you can start the investigation as you would a standard mission. You'll get your first objective.

Hack into DeMarco's apartment.

Head along the front of the building and around to its side to find the security router, which you should hack.

Watch Dogs screenshot - Human TrafficWatch Dogs screenshot - Human Traffic

You have to play a hacking mini-game, and it's no easy task because your time is very limited. Make sure that you move any pieces into position that you can before you ever touch the one that will kick off the timer, and then you have to flip a bunch of pieces very quickly to get the current through all of the locks in time. If you mess up, you can start over without incident, but it's no fun to have to try too many times.

Hack the Cop's phone.

Now you have a view of people talking in a room. Do as the objective says. The cop is standing along the right side of the room.

Eliminate DeMarco before the corrupt Cops reach the safehouse.

You'll be shown a target on the map now, and you have to get to the destination ahead of the cops. You need to find a car and then race along the yellow route, in high speed pursuit.

Watch Dogs screenshot - Human TrafficWatch Dogs screenshot - Human Traffic

The police will try to get away once you attract their attention, but you can use traffic and the usual environmental elements to slow the escape. Steam vents are particularly effective here.

Kill all pursuers or escape.

After you take out the car in which DeMarco is riding, you still need to eliminate his crooked cohorts in uniform. That, or you can just drive quickly away for the same end. The special mission concludes and you'll earn your rewards: the Revoking Client Privileges achievement/trophy and the Magnate LE vehicle.

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