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There are eight burner phones hidden around the city of Chicago. You find one while completing the introductory mission. Find the rest of them in any order you like to piece together the story of Maurice, the thug you meet during that first mission.

Watch Dogs screenshot - Burner PhonesWatch Dogs screenshot - Burner Phones

Note that several of the phone locations won't show up on your map until you start working your way through events during Act 3 of the campaign (even if you have cleared every ctOS tower), but otherwise you should be good. You can set a waypoint at an icon and go to investigate any phone icon that appears on the map. To complete the investigation, all you have to do is scan the phones. The location of the eight you'll phones have to track down are provided below.
  • Found early in the introductory mission, "Bottom of the Eighth."
  • Climb over some fence in the homeless camp, across the pivoting bridge from the Bunker that serves as your base for much of the adventure.
  • Located in The Wards, near the top of a square tower where a marksman is posted between the three buildings.
  • Along the far right peninsula in the Brandon Docks area, enter a warehouse building and head upstairs to find the log near a computer on a desk.
  • Just south of the west end of the bridge running parallel with the bottom of the map, in the Brandon Docks area, head up some stairs to the corner where some men are warming their hands by a fire. The audio log is in a phone on the mattress.
  • In Pawnee, on the roof of one of the trailers in the trailer park area. There are typically a few cars parked in front of the trailer, including a blue one that can't be driven.
  • Along the north side of the lake in Pawnee, in a fenced construction lot.
  • Waiting on the roof of a back building at the Pawnee Motel & Lodge.
When you hack the last of the phones, you'll receive an achievement/trophy. You'll also gain the Vespid LE car.

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