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Travel to the scenic point indicated on the map (seriously, look at that skyline) and accept the mission.

Reach Blume.

Now you need to walk or drive to the Blume building. Mark it on your map and head that way. It's not far.

Infiltrate Blume unseen.

Your ally tells you that you have to enter the facility without anyone seeing you, or else the servers will be put in lockdown and there will be no purpose for your visit.

Watch Dogs screenshot - Act III: The Future is in BlumeWatch Dogs screenshot - Act III: The Future is in Blume

Park near the entrance, if you drove. You can see the whole area highlighted in red. Travel left from the road, through the brush. There are trees and rocks you can use as cover if you're worried, but you're not really at risk until you're right near the fence.

Make your way around to the left corner of the building, where there's a door you can't enter. Just left from there, you'll see an opening with vertical bars. You can crouch below that opening and hack the camera ahead of you. It provides a view of the interior area.

Watch Dogs screenshot - Act III: The Future is in BlumeWatch Dogs screenshot - Act III: The Future is in Blume

Now it's time to do a little recon, which will familiarize you with the area before you begin you operation.

Look sharply left and there's another camera, past the Blume sign. It points toward the front gate. Travel to it and look left from the gate, at the office. You can travel to a camera in a notebook computer, then to another camera within that office, and unlock two panels. There's a guard there as well, that you may be able to take out of the picture if he is carrying explosives, though he may avoid the attempt and you may not be ready yet to raise staff suspicions.

Head back outside and continue around the complex, to a camera on the main building's right side. From there, you can see another outbuilding. You can unlock a door there, using the switch console. Then you should travel back around to the side of the building near where Aiden is positioned. You can find another panel along a wall to unlock, and then you can roam around the building with more cameras, this time in a clockwise rather than counter-clockwise fashion.

Watch Dogs screenshot - Act III: The Future is in BlumeWatch Dogs screenshot - Act III: The Future is in Blume

From that corner of the building, you can look down and see solar panels. Go ahead and spin them around. The guards will notice and go to investigate, but you can head around the nearby cameras and find an Audio Log. You can also open more shutters around the building. There are guards that roam around the area, especially with security at high alert, and you can ride their camera and pass through the building to find another interesting Audio Log.

You've done your recon, so now you need to sneak a short distance into the complex. There shouldn't be many guides between Aiden's current location and the box he needs to scan, near the edge of the square. Sneak in using cover, and use a takedown move to eliminate the guard or two that is likely remaining nearby. Then scan the console.

Profile the ctOS box.

Remember the building where you opened the shutters? That's your next destination.

Head over to the building, being mindeful of the position of guards who may be watching (your main threat likely comes from the two who are positioned up near the solar panels you rotated). When you get inside the building, you can find the ctOS box just inside the door. Press the button to bring up the Profiler and profile the box.

Find and activate the ctOS Boxes.

Now you need to activate two ctOS boxes that are connected to the one you just profiled. You can see the white lines headed out from them. If you fail, you'll continue from this point but the shutters you opened previously will be closed. You can open them again as often as needed.

There are two boxes to find and activate. One is in the office on the upper level, near the solar panels. The other is in an outbuilding near the corner of the area, along the lower wall that runs past the solar panels. You have to sneak past guards to reach both of the two panels.

Watch Dogs screenshot - Act III: The Future is in BlumeWatch Dogs screenshot - Act III: The Future is in Blume

To get to the guard along the lower route, head through the building and make your way toward a door on the left side. There is a guard positioned just outside of it. Crouch in the door frame, then perform a takedown move to eliminate that guard. Now head back into the building and toward the far side. There's a door there. Exit out the door and head left along the wall, to the guard positioned at the corner. Approach him from behind and use a takedown move. Now you can safely continue forward to the outbuilding. Once you get inside, activate the box. If you mess up, the game will remember that you activated this box when you resume.

As for the guards on the higher level, near the solar panels, you'll need to approach them by heading outside the left of the building with the ctOS box (the doorway where you performed a takedown move a minute ago) and head up the stairs. There's a guy that circles a box there. You can wait as he circles around and walks over toward the fence, then take him down. His cohort standing at the nearby wall won't even notice. Then you can head along that wall and take out said cohort. Head inside once that is tended to and activate the second box to get your new objective.

Break into Blume's network unseen.

Now return to the box in the room with the shutters, and initiate a hack. You should first make sure you have cover against the wall, just to prevent any guards from stumbling across you.

Watch Dogs screenshot - Act III: The Future is in BlumeWatch Dogs screenshot - Act III: The Future is in Blume

This puzzle plays out in two parts. The first one is very simple and not timed. The second one is timed, once you turn the obvious elbow, so first you should get other pieces in position.

Install T-Bone's spyware.

When you complete the second puzzle, you'll have a view of the server. Just press and hold the indicated button to install the spyware. You'll gain a new objective.

Locate Damien's meeting.

There is a guard that patrols the server room, walking back and forth between it and a room at the opposite end of an adjacent corridor. He's wearing a camera, so scan him to jump to that camera.

Watch Dogs screenshot - Act III: The Future is in BlumeWatch Dogs screenshot - Act III: The Future is in Blume

The guard will arrive briefly in a room where people are having a meeting. Look to the left and hop into a camera in that direction, then watch the meeting. It will conclude with a new objective set.

Exit Blume.

You really need to get out of the facility now. Guards are on alert. Get out of the facility however you like. It's actually quite possible to just run out of the shuttered building, up the stairs where you took out the guards a moment ago (near the solar panels), then down the stairs to the far side. Then skirt the wall and make your way around to the exit door, which should be open. Dash through it and then along the grass to the objective marked on the map, which completes this mission and automatically begins the next one, "For the Portfolio."

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