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Before you can properly begin this mission, you're going to have to hack another control center. This time, the center is marked on your map in Mad Mile. Head there to find the center.

Watch Dogs screenshot - Act II: Stare into the AbyssWatch Dogs screenshot - Act II: Stare into the Abyss

Walk around to the back side of the building, past the shops, and you can see a camera through the gate, on one end of the courtyard. Pass to it and then leapfrog along the patrolling guards' cameras to reach the opposite end of the courtyard and find the access code. Then head back the way you came and hack a shutter along one side of the plaza to open a viewing angle. That lets you see an item that can "attract" a nearby guard. Warp to him and let him walk around as he investigates. He'll get a view of the terminal, and you can hack it to prompt a mini-game. Clear the mini-game to reach the server. Grab any Video Logs you see, then hack the terminal and you're done here.

Now you can head to the "Stare into the Abyss" campaign marker on the map and accept your mission to get to work.

Hack the ctOS box to find Crispin.

Your first order of business is to hack. Cross the street and head around the side of the building to find the building's security router conveniently waiting for you to hack it.

Watch Dogs screenshot - Act II: Stare into the AbyssWatch Dogs screenshot - Act II: Stare into the Abyss

This terminal is a bit trickier than some, because there's a timer that starts ticking down immediately after you access it. You need to switch the left and right elbows so that they're pointing outward in their respective directions, which creates the needed currents to a lock in the middle. Unlock it and let the current pass along that line vertically. Quickly switch the elbows around so that they point in a new direction and feed juice to the top lock. Then move up and unlock it before you run out of time.

Once you solve the puzzle, a scene will follow as you get a glimpse at Crispin. Then you have a new objective.

Eliminate Crispin.

You need to get rid of Crispin, which you can do either here or on the road.

Watch Dogs screenshot - Act II: Stare into the AbyssWatch Dogs screenshot - Act II: Stare into the Abyss

From the camera, you can look around to see if there is a way to soften up any guards. Disable their ability to call in reinforcements if you can, and perhaps set off any handy explosives.

Once you start things going, you're going to have limited time to get at Crispin. Fire at him and take him down. If you don't manage to get him before he dashes to his car and frantically drives out through the dealership's front window, you'll have to chase after him in a high-speed pursuit to reach him and do the dead.

Hack Crispin's phone to obtain data.

Once Crispin is dead, you need to hack his phone. You'll find it where he fell. Clear out any resistance that is in the way and then tend to the phone.

Kill all of Crispin's backup or escape.

Whether you gunned Crispin down before he got to his car and fled, or you had to pursue him through traffic, you have to deal with his angry guards next. Tend to that and then you can get to work on the next objective, after an automatic phone call to Clara.

Go to the private lounge, Infinite 92.

Head to the point on the map, and you'll see a new point. Head toward it, traveling left around a fence and then down some stairs that descend to your right to reach the club door.

Follow the Host.

Entering the door produces a brief scene, and then you need to follow the Host through a series of hallways. You'll notice cameras along here, and you can hack wealthy clients if you like.

Watch Dogs screenshot - Act II: Stare into the AbyssWatch Dogs screenshot - Act II: Stare into the Abyss

The host takes you to a special room, where a cutscene plays out. As it concludes, you have what you came for and it's time to leave.

Leave Infinite 92.

Now you just need to leave. Walk back out the way you came. When you get outside, head up the stairs and you'll see a car ahead of you. Approach it and you'll automatically call Clara as the mission ends.

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