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This is an important mission, so get right down to it by heading to the point indicated on the map.

Meet with Badboy17.

Finally, you get to meet the mysterious individual who has been communicating with you in a garbled voice up to this point. From where the mission begins, look right and there's an opening to a staircase that leads underground. Descend those stairs.

Watch Dogs screenshot - Act I: Open Your WorldWatch Dogs screenshot - Act I: Open Your World

You won't have to go very far down the stairs to trigger a cutscene, revealing more about Badboy 17. You also will receive a bunch of skill points, which you can now apply toward skills that until this moment weren't available. Provided you have the points and have worked your way up the tree, there's now nothing on your Skill Tree you can't unlock.

Reach the ctOS Executive Offices.

Now that you've beefed up your character a bit, it's time to get back to work. Your new goal is the executive office building, which you plan to enter where deliveries are accepted.

Make your way to that point on the map and you receive a new objective.

Enter through the underground loading zone.

Ahead of where you should now be standing, there's a dangerous area. It is indicated on the map by a red circle. You need to get through there to reach your destination, but you want to be smart about it.

Start by hacking camera on a wall to your left, provides a view of one near the open door that you can travel to next. From there, you can warp between cameras positioned deeper inside the building. That gives you a better view of the resistance you should expect.

Watch Dogs screenshot - Act I: Open Your WorldWatch Dogs screenshot - Act I: Open Your World

One or more of the men may be carrying explosives, which you can hack so that they explode. However, don't do that immediately. It's much more effective to trigger an alarm, so that men gather to investigate. Then you can detonate explosives and take out two or three soldiers at once. There are also some boxes along the wall that can be hacked so they explode. You can easily take out most of the crew before you enter the building with guns ready for cleanup duty.

Once you have eliminated the guards, make sure you scan the area to find a device that will let you unlock the doorway leading to your destination. Then head through that doorway and you'll get a call as you arrive in a small room. Here you can also obtain Electronic Parts, which you'll need in a moment. For now, pass through the next door.

Locate a guard with the access code.

In the new corridor, you receive a message warning that you are in a restricted zone. You already knew that, though, so keep moving forward. Now it pays to be more quiet as you advance, to draw less attention.

Start forward just a short distance and you should see a camera on a high wall ahead of you, past the pop machine. Hack into it to get a view of the patrolling guard. He's near a smartphone that you can hack for an audio recording.

Watch Dogs screenshot - Act I: Open Your WorldWatch Dogs screenshot - Act I: Open Your World

Nearby, there is an explosive plate. You can use it to blow up the guards, but remember that a quiet approach is better. If you make too much noise and someone calls for reinforcements, that is unfortunate. Look around the cameras, and jump between them while watching the guards that patrol the immediate area on ground level. One of them is carrying the access code, and you can safely hack him.

Hack the access point to breach the unsecured laptop.

Now you need to put some energy into the effort to find the access point. That requires you to reach the upper balcony, where guards are circling.

Watch Dogs screenshot - Act I: Open Your WorldWatch Dogs screenshot - Act I: Open Your World

The lower room is oval-shaped, like an egg. Some of the cameras are off to the side and don't provide a good view. However, one camera will let you easily look up onto the balcony, and from that perspective you can easily travel to the camera on the higher floor. Once you have done that, look around and you'll see a guard that is walking around and will occasionally enter a side office. Rather conveniently, he is equipped with a camera.

Warp to the camera, then wait for the guard to walk into the side office. When he does, you can scan an Audio Log. Past that, you should see the point where you can hack the terminal, which requires that you complete a hacking mini-game. It's an easy one, with a couple of phases.

Watch Dogs screenshot - Act I: Open Your WorldWatch Dogs screenshot - Act I: Open Your World

Once you complete the hacking effort, you will be presented with a new objective.

Hack the laptop to upload a virus and give Clara access.

You will find yourself looking down at a computer while a guy talks on the phone. Just hack the computer here. Your success won't go unnoticed, unfortunately.

Escape the plaza.

Now you need to get out of the building in one piece. Head back through the door where Aiden is likely standing, through the room where you found the Electric Component pieces. You're now back in the garage where you gunned down the guards while first entering the building.

Escape the Police scan undetected.

There's a complication now. The police are scanning the area, and you need to escape the area without being detected. In order to do so, you'll need to use an item, the Jam Comm. It jams signals long enough for you to open a door and make your escape. If you don't manage to escape detection, then you'll simply have to evade police pursuit for a bit. Then the mission ends.

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