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Starting in April 2015, Nintendo has begun releasing DLC for both versions of Super Smash Bros.. All DLC can be bought for a single platform, or in a bundle for both platforms at a greatly reduced price. Cosmetic items for Mii Fighters vary in price, and are available in bundles. Fighters cost $4 for one version or $5 for both. DLC characters have their own trophies as rewards for clearing Classic and All-Star, as well as background images for the ending credits. DLC characters also get added to All-Star mode as opponents, actually making that mode a little bit harder. Their icons can be used in profile cards. Kirby can eat them up and steal their neutral specials. DLC fighters can be fought against online, even if you don't own them. These characters can use equipment, but do not have custom special moves.


Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - DLC CharactersSuper Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - DLC Characters

Mewtwo was missing from Brawl but he's back now as DLC. He is very light and easy to KO at low levels of damage. His jumps get decent reach, thanks to his floatiness. His aerial evade causes him to disappear for a moment. Mewtwo's upward smash attack draws enemies in and damages them multiple times before blasting them away. His forward throw doesn't do much damage or send enemies very far, but it involves firing a flurry of projectiles that can damage other opponents that are not caught in the grab. Mewtwo is great in the air. His forward and back aerials pack a punch and his down aerial is an effective meteor smash. His neutral aerial surrounds him with psychic energy and can hit multiple times. He's no slouch on the ground, either, with his powerful down smash and dash attack. Mewtwo can jump from walls.

  • Standard Special – Shadow Ball: A standard charged projectile. Press the button to start charging it, and press it again to fire it. Store the charge by guarding or rolling.

  • Side Special – Confusion: Trips enemies up or send projectiles flying back to their source.

  • Up Special – Teleport: Disappear and reappear somewhere else. Choose your direction with the control stick. This move does no damage but Mewtwo is invincible as he's teleporting.

  • Down Special – Disable: Stun an enemy as though their shield has been broken. Stuns them for longer if they have higher damage. Doesn't work if your opponent isn't facing you.

  • Final Smash – Psystrike: Evolve into Mega Mewtwo Y. Unlike other Mega Evolution Final Smashes, this is an attack instead of a proper evolution that you can control freely. Send out a ball of energy that stuns enemies before causing their heads to explode.


Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - DLC CharactersSuper Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - DLC Characters

Lucas returns from Brawl with few changes. Lucas' specials appear as alternates for Ness, but his real appeal is his reliance on psi attacks for tilts and smashes. He doesn't jump as high as Ness, but he can still get a good bit of height thanks to his psychokinetic powers. His aerial attacks all focus on psi power and do decent damage. His side smash doesn't send enemies as far as you might expect it to, compared to Ness', but his up smash has the highest launch power of any up smash in the entire game, and does heavy damage to boot. It takes a moment to come out, though.

  • Standard Special – PK Freeze: Create an icy projectile that charges and floats as you hold the button and explodes when you let go. The explosion will freeze foes. Works similarly to Ness' PK Flash, but it doesn't go as high.

  • Side Special – PK Fire: Similar to Ness' version, but instead of leaving a column of flames for a moment, the flame flashes forward a bit, sending enemies flying farther.

  • Up Special – PK Thunder: Similar to Ness' up special, except easier to control and it doesn't disappear when it hits an enemy. This means Lucas won't start moving again until the thunder runs out or hits a solid surface, but it also means it can hit enemies multiple times. If it hits Lucas, he'll go flying in the opposite direction like a missile.

  • Down Special – PSI Magnet: Create an energy field that absorbs energy projectiles. Lucas holds his PSI Magnet in front of himself, so it only protects him from the front, but it damages enemies inside of it when you let go of the button.

  • Final Smash – PK Starstorm: A stream of meteors comes pouring from the heavens in a straight line. The stream can be aimed left or right with the control stick.


Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - DLC CharactersSuper Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - DLC Characters

Roy is back after taking a break from Brawl, and now he finally has a reason to exist. In Melee, Roy was a weaker version of Marth. While Marth's attacks do more damage when the tip of his sword connects, Roy's do more if the base of his sword connects. Roy did less damage overall, despite having effectively lower reach for his "sweet spot" and a slower speed than Marth. Not any more. These days, Roy does a little more damage than Marth if his hits land correctly, and a little less when they don't. He's also heavier than Marth now. Roy's basic attacks have been tweaked to be more unique. Most notably, several of his special and smash attacks create fire. His up smash draws enemies in with fire to do heavy damage.

  • Standard Special – Flare Blade: Charge your sword for up to 5 seconds to slam it into the ground and release a powerful explosion. The fully charged attack does a bit of damage to Roy, but it does huge damage to any opponent it manages to hit, likely knocking them out even if they didn't have any damage before the attack. Good luck landing such a slow attack without being interrupted, though.

  • Side Special – Double-Edge Dance: A chain up up to four strikes, one after the other. Keep inputting the command to keep the combo going. Hold up or down on the stick to change each strike.

  • Up Special – Blazer: A flaming rising sword strike that draws enemies in. You can aim it a little bit by tilting the control stick.

  • Down Special – Counter: Block an attack and return one of your own. The strength of the encounter depends on the strength of the incoming attack.

  • Final Smash – Critical Hit: Roy waves his sword in a semicircle around himself, drawing enemies behind him to the front and damaging them a bit before landing a powerful blow to damage them heavily and send them flying. Not a guaranteed KO like Marth and Lucina's versions, but is still very likely to KO The opponent if they've taken a bit of damage already.


Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - DLC CharactersSuper Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - DLC Characters

Ryu makes his dozenth crossover fighting game appearance as DLC. Ryu has a a varied move set thanks to two unique quirks. First off, all of his regular and special attacks have weak and fierce variations, depending on how long you hold the button. (No medium regular attacks. Nobody uses those in Street Fighter anyway.) He even has two different Final Smashes! Second, he can perform several of his traditional special moves using his classic inputs. Moves performed this way are faster and stronger than their original versions. Ryu hits hard on the ground. The fierce versions of even his standard tilt attacks can send foes flying. His side fierce standard attack is his Collarbone Breaker, which does heavy damage to shields. His aerials leave a little to be desired, but he has a nice combination of projectiles and standard damaging specials, as well as a unique counterattack. His side special is a nice recovery move.

  • Standard Special – Hadoken: Ryu's signature move. Press or hold B to send out a weak or medium strength energy ball at a low or medium speed. Perform a quarter circle motion from down to forward with the control stick and press A or B for a faster, stronger projectile. Perform a semicircle motion from back, to down, to forward, followed by A or B to release a powerful fire hadoken, which will also be faster or slower depending on if you held the button or not. This version hits multiple times. Kirby can perform all four versions of this special when he inhales Ryu.

  • Side Special – Tatsumaki Senpukyaku: A spinning kick that sends you flying sideways as long as you hold the button. If you're on the ground when you start this move, you'll stop traveling when you hit a ledge. You'll drop slightly if you use this move in the air, but you'll still travel farther than if you were just falling or jumping, so it's useful as a recovery move. You can even use your up special after. A quarter circle motion from down to back, followed by A or B, will release a slightly more powerful version of the move.

  • Up Special – Shoryuken: A satisfying, powerful uppercut. This is a great finisher. Ryu will go flying up and at a slight angle forward, punching anyone unfortunate enough to be in the way. To perform the strongest version of this move, move the stick forward, down, and diagonally forward/down, and press A or B. (If that's too complicated, think of it as a reverse hadoken input, followed by a regular hadoken input, without letting go of the stick in between.) Any input will send Ryu higher if the button is held.

  • Down Special – Focus Attack: Hold the button to charge this attack. Ryu can withstand one attack while charging. Release it to stun your opponent if they're on the ground or send them flying a short distance if they're in the air. The amount of time they spend stunned depends on how long you held the button. You can cancel this attack and quickly move forward or backward by double tapping the stick in either direction. You can do this either before or right after the punch lands, meaning you can quickly follow up with a combo after landing the hit!

  • Final Smash – Shin Hadoken: A large, powerful Hadoken that draws enemies in and carries them with it. Unleash the Final Smash at a distance to use this attack.

  • Final Smash – Shin Shoryuken: A powerful punch combo ending in a Shoryuken. Unleash the Final Smash when close to an opponent to perform this move. This does more damage than Shin Hadoken, but it's harder to land.


Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - DLC CharactersSuper Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - DLC Characters

The Final Fantasy series got its start on Nintendo systems, but it's strange that the one Final Fantasy character in Super Smash Bros. is the one that represents Squaresoft's "betrayal" of Nintendo when they jumped ship to Sony's PlayStation and redefined JRPGs. Well, here we are. Final Fantasy VII protagonist Cloud Strife comes with three costumes. One based on his original look, one based on his Advent Children redesign, and an alternate version of that same design with the part covering the geostigma on his arm removed. Cloud moves faster than you might expect from someone used to turn-based combat. His side smash does heavy damage with a three hit combo, the last of which has high launching power. His down smash knocks enemies behind Cloud, which is handy if your back is to the edge of the stage. As Cloud deals and receives damage, his Limit meter fills up, and once it's full, he receives small boosts to all of his stats. Using a special move with a full Limit meter will use a powerful Limit Break version of that move, depleting the meter. You'll know the Limit meter is full when a blue aura appears around Cloud. You'll lose all progress towards your Limit meter if you're KO'd.

  • Standard Special – Blade Beam: Sends a shockwave forward. This shockwave does slightly more damage when used on the ground than in the air. The shockwave will follow the ground along slopes, and will take flight in whatever direction it's traveling when it hits the edge of a platform. The Limit Break version hits multiple times.

  • Side Special – Cross Slash: Press the button multiple times to do a combo. The final hit of the combo is the most powerful. The Limit Break version is faster and does more damage.

  • Up Special – Cimhazzard: Leap straight up into the air with a rising sword attack. Press the button again at the peak of the jump to slam down for a second attack, a meteor smash. Be careful not to use the second attack when you're using this move to recovery. The Limit Break version sends Cloud a good bit higher into the air, increasing its capabilities as a recovery move.

  • Down Special – Limit Charge: This command actually does two different moves. When your Limit meter isn't full, this move will charge it like numerous other charged special attacks. You can't move while charging and it takes about 7 seconds to fully charge if it's empty when you start. You can guard or roll to cancel the charge and keep your stored energy. The charge will be interrupted if you're attacked, but you won't lose the energy you've gathered. This move is the only way to tell exactly how full your Limit meter is.

  • Down Special – Finishing Touch: If the Limit meter is full, you'll do Finishing Touch instead. This quickly creates a cyclone around Cloud. This move does hardly any damage at all (only 1%) but has very high knockback power, making it a great finisher for enemies with relatively low damage. It's far from an instant KO move, though.

  • Final Smash – Omnislash: Of course, a Smash Ball gives Cloud access to his signature move. After dashing forward to meet the enemy, this Final Smash sends both fighthers into the air, where Cloud will unleash a flurry of sword swipes before launching his foe.


Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - DLC CharactersSuper Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - DLC Characters

Corrin is to Fire Emblem: Fates what Robin is to Fire Emblem: Awakening, a player-created avatar that plays an important role in the game's story. Corrin can either be male or female in Smash Bros., as in his/her own game, but Corrin's default skin is male so we'll refer to him with masculine pronouns here for simplicity's sake. Corrin can transform entirely or partially into a water dragon, so many of his moves include morphing parts of his body. It's actually a bit creepy in a body horror sort of way. Many of Corrin's smash and aerial attacks transform his limbs into "lances." The tips of these lances do slightly more damage than the rest. Corrin has good range with his smash attacks and decent power. His forward smash attack does a tiny amount of damage as it charges up. His back aerial propels him forward a little.

  • Standard Special – Dragon Fang Shot: Fires an electrified ball of water that stuns enemies. The projectile is fired from a horrifying mouth on Corrin's arm, which will lash out to bite anyone nearby after the projectile is launched. This move can be charged by holding B.

  • Side Special – Dragon Lunge: Leap forward, and press the button again to lunge. If the move hits the floor or a wall, Corrin will become "stuck" and can follow up with a kick in either direction. Alternatively, tilt the stick up to jump. If an enemy is hit as the "lance" is driven into a surface, they won't be able to move until Corrin releases them. You can instantly stick to the floor if you do the attack immediately after leaping. You have to do this very quickly.

  • Up Special – Draconic Ascent: Sprout wings and fly up and do damage. Simple enough. You can alter your trajectory a little bit.

  • Down Special – Counter Surge: A powerful water-based counter attack that is triggered if Corrin is attacked while in his counter stance. This attack damages enemies on both sides of Corrin.

  • Final Smash – Torrential Roar: Corrin fires pillars of light straight up on either side. These pillars reach quite high, and are effective against airborne enemies or enemies on platforms above you. After the light hits someone, Corrin transforms into a dragon and washes them away in a powerful torrent of water.


Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - DLC CharactersSuper Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - DLC Characters

Bayonetta's movements flow appropriately freely, as they do in her own games. Her neutral and side tilt attacks lead to combos if you continuously press the attack button. She has two aerial recovery moves, both of which can potentially be used twice before landing, and neither of them leave her in a helpless state, so she can continue to attack and move even after she's used up all of her recovery. (Her recovery moves still reset after she takes damage before landing, as for everyone else.) This makes her a great aerial character. Her smash attacks are all Wicked Weaves, gigantic demon limbs that are summoned using her hair as a conduit. These have great reach and do nice damage. Her down smash is a meteor smash that is handy for foes who are hanging from ledges or trying to recover. All of her A and smash attacks and her side special can all be extended to fire a barrage of bullets by holding the attack button. It's not necessary to fully charge a smash attack to begin firing bullets. Release the A button to launch the attack and immediately press and hold it again to start the bullet barrage. Her bullets do very little damage (less than 1% per hit) but they don't interrupt combos (they can be continued by simply pressing the attack button again after firing the bullets) and they pass through enemies so they can hit multiple foes at a time. Bayonetta can activate Bat Within if she's hit at the beginning of any of her dodges, including her roll, standing evade (down while guarding), and her aerial dodge. See her down special for more information about the effects of Bat Within. Bayonetta's default look is her Bayonetta 2 style, but she also has four skins based on her original design.

  • Standard Special – Bullet Climax: Bayonetta fires a flurry of bullets at a slightly upward angle from the guns in her hands or on her feet. (The effect is the same either way.) Mash the button to increase the number of bullets fired. Hold the button when beginning the move to charge the first few bullets for extra damage. You can roll to cancel this move during the charge before you start firing.

  • Side Special – Heel Slide/After Burner Kick: On the ground, Bayonetta will slide across the ground and kick the enemy upward. In the air, she'll do a sideways kick. The kick tilts slightly up by default but you can also aim it at a downward angle using an alternate input, a quarter circle down to forward and B. (Like Ryu's hadouken.) The upward version passes through enemies and the downward version bounces off of them. Hold the button to fire bullets afterwards. If the kick lands, another kick can be done by doing the input again. Use this with Witch Twist for recovery.

  • Up Special – Witch Twist: Bayonetta spins upwards into the air. This can be done a second time after a double jump. This means you'll have to resist the urge to immediately double jump when recovering. (Instead, try Witch Twist, After Burner Kick, another After Burner kick if the first connects, double jump, and another Witch Twist. You'll go far.) This move doesn't leave Bayonetta vulnerable.

  • Down Special – Witch Time/Bat Within: A standing dodge that causes the opponent's movements to become slowed for a little while. The effects last less time the more often the move is used. If the dodge is performed slightly too late, Bayonetta will use Bat Within instead. This reduces damage taken and turns into a colony of bats, which can be directed by the player and recover faster than a roll. Bat Within can also be activated with a regular dodge. It's possible for both Witch Time and Bat Within to be activated at the same time if Bayonetta is hit with multiple attacks at once.

  • Final Smash – Infernal Climax: Time slows and a gauge appears. Attack enemies to fill the gauge within the time limit and Bayonetta will summon Gomorrah, who will chew on foes. Mash the special button while Gomorrah is chowing down to increase damage. If an enemy has 100% damage by the end of the attack, they'll automatically be KO'd.

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