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On top of their standard movesets, every character has two alternate specials for each move, for a total of 12 special moves per character. Alternate specials must be found in various modes before they can be used, with the curious exception of Palutena's specials, which are unlocked from the very beginning. Also specific to Palutena, her specials all function very differently from one another and aren't twists on the basic versions. Specials appear randomly in pretty much every mode. Custom specials can only be used in modes that allow custom characters. Kirby can't copy custom specials! He'll get the characters' default special instead.


  • Standard 2 – Fast Fireball: Throws a faster, weaker fireball in a straight line.
  • Standard 3 – Fire Orb: This is as close as you're going to get to a Super Mario RPG appearance in Smash. Throws a large, slow, short ranged fireball that hits multiple times.

  • Side 2 – Shocking Cape: Wave an electrified cape that stuns and damages enemies but destroys projectiles instead of reflecting them.
  • Side 3 – Gust Cape: Create a gust of wind that pushes enemies back. Still flips enemies and projectiles.

  • Up 2 – Super Jump: Jumps higher than Super Jump Punch, but doesn't punch, so no damage.
  • Up 3 – Explosive Punch: Doesn't go as high, but ends with an explosion that sends enemies flying.

  • Down 2 – Scalding F.L.U.D.D.: Doesn't push enemies very much, or have as much range, but does damage them.
  • Down 3 – High-Pressure F.L.U.D.D.: Takes a long time to fully charge, but pushes enemies much farther. Also pushes the user back.


  • Standard 2 – Bouncing Fireball: More like Mario's fireball. Bounces along the ground and gets a bit weaker as it goes.
  • Standard 3 – Iceball: A slow-moving ball of ice that freezes enemies with high damage.

  • Side 2 – Floating Missile: Charges faster, but doesn't do as much damage.
  • Side 3 – Quick Missle: Travel faster and farther than usual. If you miss, you'll slide along the ground.

  • Up 2 – Fiery Jump Punch: The critical hit at the start is easier to pull off, but Luigi won't fly as high.
  • Up 3 – Burial Header: Land on someone on the way down to bury them, but you won't be able to get a critical hit on the way up.

  • Down 2 – Mach Cyclone: Grants more vertical lift than the standard version, but can't move as far horizontally.
  • Down 3 – Clothesline Cyclone: Slower than normal, but launches farther.


  • Standard 2 – Sleepy Toad: This counter puts enemies to sleep, or launches them if they're airborne.
  • Standard 3 – Grumpy Toad: This isn't a counter. Toad releases spores that do a little damage without having to be attacked first.

  • Side 2 – Flower Bomber: Peach's butt plants flowers on people's heads, confirming all of those rumours in the Mushroom Kingdom tabloids. Takes a while to recover from if you miss.
  • Side 3 – Flying Peach Bomber: A higher Peach Bomber that's harder to land but is more powerful.

  • Up 2 – Parasol High Jump: Jump high into the air, but don't open your parasol to float back down.
  • Up 3 – Light Parasol: Don't jump as high, but opening the parasol sends Peach a little higher.

  • Down 2 – Light Veggie: These vegetables move more slowly than standard ones.
  • Down 3 – Heavy Veggie: These huge vegetables don't go as far, but they have launching power.


  • Standard 2 – Fire Shot: Spit out a single fireball. Doesn't get weaker with use.
  • Standard 3 – Fire Roar: Stronger, but runs out more quickly and takes longer to recharge.

  • Side 2 – Dash Slam: Dash and grab a foe. More sideways movement than the standard version, but doesn't lead to as high a jump.
  • Side 3 – Dash Slash: Dash forward and slash an opponent with your claws. Doesn't lead to a grab and doesn't do much damage, but has high launch power.

  • Up 2 – Flying Fortress: A recovery move. Doesn't damage, but moves higher into the air.
  • Up 3 – Sliding Fortress: Doesn't go very high but sends enemies flying.

  • Down 2 – Turbulent Bomb: Jump diagonally and come crashing down, letting out a gust of... wind... when you land.
  • Down 3 – Slip Bomb: Slam the ground hard enough to cause an earthquake that knocks enemies over.


  • Standard 2 – Lick: Jump forward and attack with your tongue, rather than putting enemies in eggs.
  • Standard 3 – Egg Launch: Superior butt muscles send the egg flying farther, but it's easier to break out of.

  • Side 2 – Heavy Egg Roll: Roll forward more slowly but with more power.
  • Side 3 – Light Egg Roll: Bounces far, but doesn't last as long.

  • Up 2 – High Jump: Bye bye, eggs. Jump really high in midair, but don't throw an egg.
  • Up 3 – Timed Egg Throw: The eggs explode with more force, but don't explode when hitting an enemy.

  • Down 2 – Crushing Bomb: More powerful, but no stars appear to the sides.
  • Down 3 – Star Bomb: Less powerful, but larger stars appear and travel farther.

Rosalina and Luma

  • Standard 2 – Luma Warp: Doesn't do much damage, but launches faster.
  • Standard 3 – Power Luma Shot: Moves more slowly but hits multiple times for higher damage.

  • Side 2 – Floaty Star Bit: One big projectile that moves slowly and hits multiple times.
  • Side 3 – Shooting Star Bit: Faster projectiles, do less damage.

  • Up 2 – Launch Star Plus: Go higher but with less horizontal freedom.
  • Up 3 – Launch Star Attack: Damage enemies at the end of the jump. Tricky.

  • Down 2 – Catch & Release: Pulls fighters in instead of items.
  • Down 3 – Guardian Luma: Luma grows and acts as a giant shield.

Bowser Jr.

  • Standard 2 – Piercing Cannon: The cannon ball is smaller and does less damage, but travels through enemies.
  • Standard 3 – Air Cannon: Blasts with air instead of a projectile. Pushes enemies, or sends Bowser Jr. backwards in the air.

  • Side 2 – Koopa Drift: When you spin, the kart continues to move forward, hitting enemies a few times.
  • Side 3 – Grounding Dash: Dash forward a short distance and bury enemies. Ends in a spin.

  • Up 2 – Meteor Ejection: Don't jump as high, but can meteor smash enemies at the start of the move.
  • Up 3 – Koopa Meteor: Launch into the air with the Clown Car in tow before it explodes and sends Bowser Jr. down to the ground.

  • Down 2 – Impatient Mechakoopa: Send the Mechakoopa flying far. It will explode not too long after landing.
  • Down 3 – Big Mechakoopa: Huge Mechakoopa walks past enemies but can be grabbed and thrown.


  • Standard 2 – Inhaling Chomp: Draw enemies towards you and bite them, but not as hard.
  • Standard 3 – Garlic Breath: Takes a while, but exhales noxious breath, because Wario's got it coming out of both ends. Nearby enemies will be stunned as though their shields are broken. More distant enemies will be knocked away and tripped.

  • Side 2 – Speeding Bike: Moves super fast and can't turn so you will almost certainly die. Wheelies do less damage.
  • Side 3 – Burying Bike: Moves slowly, but does more damage and buries foes.

  • Up 2 – Widescrew: Can move almost perfectly horizontally with the right input, but doesn't travel as far overall.
  • Up 3 – Cockscrew Leap: Jump crazy high but don't do damage.

  • Down 2 – Rose-Scented Waft: Doesn't knock enemies as far back, but plants flowers on their heads to do more damage overall.
  • Down 3 – Quick Waft: Charges faster but is weaker than the standard Waft. Wario will damage enemies as he rises into the air.

Mr. Game & Watch

  • Standard 2 – XXL Chef: Bigger, slower food travels a shorter distance for more damage.
  • Standard 3 – Short-Order Chef: Food doesn't travel as high, but it does travel farther, faster.

  • Side 2 – Extreme Judge: Always comes up 1 or 9. Usually 1. Both do less damage.
  • Side 3 – Chain Judge: No more special effects assigned to numbers. Hits the foe the number of times shown instead.

  • Up 2 – High Fire: No parachute, but can use aerial moves sooner after jumping.
  • Up 3 – Heavy Trampoline: Don't go as high, but do damage at the start of the move.

  • Down 2 – Efficient Panic: Fills with one projectile. Does less damage and travels less far. It's easier to catch a projectile, though.
  • Down 3 – Panic Overload: Longer range and large hitbox, but slower.

Donkey Kong

  • Standard 2 – Storm Punch: Greatly pushes back enemies that are out of range.
  • Standard 3 – Lighting Punch: Electrified! Charges in less time but does less damage.

  • Side 2 – Jumping Headbutt: Jump before headbutting. Buried opponents aren't buried for as long.
  • Side 3 – Stubborn Headbutt: A stronger, slower headbutt that gives high knockback resistence.

  • Up 2 – Chopper Kong: Goes higher but doesn't do any damage.
  • Up 3 – Kong Cyclone: Pulls enemies in and launches them with the final strike.

  • Down 2 – Focused Slap: Has less range but sends enemies farther.
  • Down 3 – Hot Slap: Raises pillars of flames on either side.

Diddy Kong

  • Standard 2 – Exploding Popgun: Charges quickly, explodes quickly, damages enemies with the explosion but doesn't fire any peanuts.
  • Standard 3 – Jumbo Peanuts: Big 'ol nuts that hit harder but lack range.

  • Side 2 – Back Flip: Leap backwards and switch to a flying forward kick when the button is pressed.
  • Side 3 – Flying Monkey Flip: A higher jump with a stronger grab, but the aerial kick is weaker.

  • Up 2 – Rocketbarrel Attack: Hits harder but doesn't fly as well. Hard to control.
  • Up 3 – Rocketbarrel Kaboom: Faster charge and better control but explodes if it hits terrain, damaging you.

  • Down 2 – Shocking Banana Peel: Banana peel paralyzes.
  • Down 3 – Battering Banana Peel: Toss it straight up, launching foes it hits.


  • Standard 2 – Power Bow: Short range and very weak if uncharged. If charged it's much stronger and has high knockback.
  • Standard 3 – Quickfire Bow: Flies farther and straighter, right through enemies, but somehow does less damage despite this. No knockback.

  • Side 2 – Boomerang: Removes the Gale and increases damage. Doesn't push enemies around so much.
  • Side 3 – Ripping Boomerang: Tears through enemies, but slowly and at a short range. Little knockback.

  • Up 2 – Whirling Leap: Doesn't do damage, but travels farther and faster horizontally.
  • Up 3 – Shocking Spin: More powerful, but doesn't take you very high.

  • Down 2 – Giant Bomb: Bigger, slower bomb with a bigger, stronger explosion. Doesn't explode on contact, but does explode after a few seconds. Takes longer to pull out.
  • Down 3 – Meteor Bomb: Comes out and travels faster, but does less damage. It's a projectile meteor smash, though!


  • Standard 2 – Nayru's Rejection: Less effective in all areas, except it turns enemies around.
  • Standard 3 – Nayru's Passion: Draws enemies in, then explodes.

  • Side 2 – Din's Flare: Travels faster but only in a straight line.
  • Side 3 – Din's Blaze: More vertical movement and the potential to travel farther for an even bigger explosion. Explosion has a delay, though.

  • Up 2 – Farore's Squall: Damages less but travels farther. Pushes and carries enemies at the beginning and end.
  • Up 3 – Farore's Windfall: Can only teleport straight up, but has a meteor effect on enemies upon reappearance.

  • Down 2 – Phantom Breaker: Travels a set distance and damages shields more.
  • Down 3 – Phantom Strike: The Phantom always appears immediately in front of Zelda, regardless of charge.


  • Standard 2 – Penetrating Needles: Travels through opponents but can only charge up to three needles. Electrified.
  • Standard 3 – Paralyzing Needle: Stuns enemies for longer. Slower and can only hold one needle at a time.

  • Side 2 – Gravity Grenade: Doesn't pull enemies in before the explosion, but the explosion pulls enemies towards Sheik.
  • Side 3 – Skimming Grenade: Bounces along the ground. Can still control the timing of the explosion. Does less damage the farther it travels.

  • Up 2 – Gale: Faster and farther recovery move, but doesn't do damage.
  • Up 3 – Abyss: Explosion has a meteor effect and you can trip enemies by teleporting through them. Quick recovery.

  • Down 2 – Jellyfish: Arcs higher vertically and recovers quicker so you can attack again right away.
  • Down 3 – Pices: Arcs lower and won't attack unless you press the button again during the jump. Sends you flying forward on contact, so be careful.


  • Standard 2 – Warlock Blade: Ganondorf finally uses that sword of his. Plunges it forward for more range but less power. Still difficult to interrupt.
  • Standard 3 – Warlock Thrust: Less powerful but takes less time to charge and explodes.

  • Side 2 – Flame Wave: Sends enemies up instead of down. Can damage enemies above by hitting them with your target.
  • Side 3 – Flame Chain: Passes through enemies instead of choking them.

  • Up 2 – Dark Fists: Doesn't grab, but there's a powerful blow at the end of the move.
  • Up 3 – Dark Vault: Jump twice as high, but do much less damage and don't grab.

  • Down 2 – Wizard's Dropkick: On the ground, Ganondorf leaps into the air and comes down at an angle. Causes splash damage.
  • Down 3 – Wizard's Assault: Longer windup but travel farther. When used in the air, Ganondorf travels straight down instead of at an angle.

Toon Link

  • Standard 2 – Fire Arrows: Ah, there they are. Lower range, but leave a tiny fire behind when they hit the ground.
  • Standard 3 – Quickfire Bow: Fires a straight projectile farther and right through enemies, but damages them less.

  • Side 2 – Floating Boomerang: Flies slower but homes in on Link on the way back.
  • Side 3 – High-Speed Boomerang: Flies faster but will only to return to the spot it was thrown from.

  • Up 2 – Sliding Spin Attack: Takes longer to charge up, but it's stronger and can move horizontally along the ground.
  • Up 3 – Flying Spin Attack: Sends you up a bit farther with the final slash.

  • Down 2 – Time Bomb: Doesn't explode on impact, and takes longer to explode, but the bomb itself can launch enemies. Less powerful explosion.
  • Down 3 – Short-Fuse Bomb: Explodes sooner and with more power, sending enemies up into the air.


  • Standard 2 – Dense Charge Shot: Charges more slowly but gets bigger. Does more damage but travels more slowly and less distance. Charging it less will send it farther at a higher speed.
  • Standard 3 – Melee Charge Shot: Works like an energy shotgun. Short range but wide dispersal. Charges fast and stuns enemies for a moment before launching them.

  • Side 2 – Relentless Missile: Move more slowly but follow more accurately.
  • Side 3 – Turbo Missile: Take a moment to get going, like torpedoes, but move faster once they start.

  • Up 2 – Screw Rush: More damage and horizontal movement, but less vertical movement and much less control over where you end up.
  • Up 3 – Apex Screw Attack: Moves farther vertically, but only vertically. Only damages at the beginning and the end of the move, but the first hit launches enemies into the second hit, which itself is a good launcher..

  • Down 2 – Slip Bomb: Does less damage, but causes tripping.
  • Down 3 – Mega Bomb: Produces a much bigger explosion. Can only have one in play at a time.

Zero Suit Samus

  • Standard 2 – Blast Shot: Travels farther and faster but damages less and doesn't cause paralysis.
  • Standard 3 – Electromagnetic Net: Doesn't travel as far, but explodes with a wide range.

  • Side 2 – Plasma Dash: Dash and smack a foe with your gun. Doesn't use the whip so it's no longer a recovery move. (You can still simply use your throw in the air for the same effect.)
  • Side 3 – Whip Lash: Doesn't work up close, but grabs a foe and drags them closer.

  • Up 2 – Impact Kick: Launch enemies skyward. Finisher is really strong.
  • Up 3 – Lateral Kick: Lifts enemies into the air at an angle, then propels Samus forward with a spinning kick.

  • Down 2 – Shooting Star Flip Kick: The mid-flip kick is a powerful flying kick. More likely to hit enemies behind the starting point of the jump than anywhere beneath Samus after the jump starts.
  • Down 3 – Low Flip: Doesn't go very far, but a good way to close distance. Travels far along the ground.


  • Standard 2 – Piercing Bow: Stronger, piercing arrow that takes longer to charge and can't be guided.
  • Standard 3 – Guiding Bow: Can be guided even easier than the standard version, but is weaker.

  • Side 2 – Interception Arm: A counterattack that uppercuts enemies that attack Pit. Doesn't dash.
  • Side 3 – Quickdash Arm: Faster and longer range. Continue moving even after the uppercut.

  • Up 2 – Striking Flight: Can't be aimed as well, but deals damage when taking off.
  • Up 3 – Breezy Flight: Doesn't fly very far, but creates a whirlwind around Pit that pushes enemies back.

  • Down 2 – Impact Orbitars: Damage foes and knock them back, but have no defensive capabilities.
  • Down 3 – Amplifying Orbitars: Increases the strength of reflected projectiles, but can easily be broken.


  • Standard 2 – Explosive Flame: Creates a burst of flame a set distance in front of Palutena. Difficult to aim, but hits multiple times.
  • Standard 3 – Heavenly Light: A wide column of light surrounds Palutena, damaging and pushing back nearby enemies for as long as the button is held. Can be used for several seconds but will stop eventually. Can't move while using it and it doesn't cause enemies to flinch.

  • Side 2 – Angelic Missile: Burst forward and damage the enemy like Pikachu or Luigi. Can't be charged, though.
  • Side 3 – Super Speed: Dash forward

  • Up 2 – Jump Glide: Fly into the air and glide. Has great horizontal range.
  • Up 3 – Rocket Jump: Blast into the air with a fiery explosion that damages enemies.

  • Down 2 – Lightweight: Increase speed and jump height, but become easier to knock away.
  • Down 3 – Celestial Firework: A firework launches into the air and explodes. Can lift enemies into the air with it.


  • Standard 2 – Storm Thrust: Produces a gust of wind that pushes enemies away. More powerful if charged.
  • Standard 3 – Dashing Asault: Thrusts forward a significant distance when unleashed.

  • Side 2 – Effortless Blade: Does the entire Dancing Blade combo every time, but for less damage, and moves can't be changed by pressing up or down.
  • Side 3 – Heavy Blade: Each slash of the combo does more damage but has less knockback and the delay between strikes is longer.

  • Up 2 – Crescent Slash: Slashes at a diagonal angle and damages more damage on the way up.
  • Up 3 – Dolphin Jump: Leap higher, but don't do any damage.

  • Down 2 – Easy Counter: Counter is easier to pull off but does less damage.
  • Down 3 – Iai Counter: A stylish counter that will send you dashing quickly past your foe before sending them back behind you.


  • Standard 2 – Tempest: Creates a wind effect that pushes enemies back.
  • Standard 3 – Furious Eruption: The pillar of flame covers a wider area depending on how long it's charged, but damages the user as well.

  • Side 2 – Combat: Lunge forward faster and end with a body blow. Good launch power.
  • Side 3 – Unyielding Blade: Won't flinch during the charge and lunch, but is slower and shorter.

  • Up 2 – Aether Drive: The sword is thrown at a 45 degree angle for better recovery.
  • Up 3 – Aether Wave: Less powerful than normal, but creates a shockwave when hitting the ground.

  • Down 2 – Paralyzing Counter: Doesn't damage enemies, but does paralyze them, as the name implies.
  • Down 3 – Smash Counter: Slower, but more powerful.


  • Standard 2 – Thunder+: Can be charged more to do more damage, but the tome runs out after fewer uses. In fact, you can only use one fully charged Thoron before the tome runs out.
  • Standard 3 – Speed Thunder: Charges much more quickly, but does less damage and knockback as a result.

  • Side 2 – Arcfire+: Travels farther and only hits once, but that one hit does high damage.
  • Side 3 – Firewall: Doesn't travel as far, but hits twice with heavy knockback.

  • Up 2 – Soaring Elwind: Fly farther, but with a delay between spells.
  • Up 3 – Gliding Elwind: The first spell comes out at a 45 degree angle behind Robin, sending him farther horizontally.

  • Down 2 – Distant Nosferatu: Spell comes out at the same range as a regular Arcfire, but can be a bit trickier to aim because of it.
  • Down 3 – Goetia: Draws enemies towards Robin but doesn't heal him.


  • Standard 2 – Ice Breath: Chilly breath freezes foes, but doesn't inhale, so no copying!
  • Standard 3 – Jumping Inhale: Leap forward when inhaling.

  • Side 2 – Hammer Bash: Swings the hammer at an arc that sends foes into the air. Can't be chaged.
  • Side 3 – Giant Hammer: Swing a gigantic hammer that moves more slowly but is stronger.

  • Up 2 – Wave Cutter: Sends out a wave of rocks along the ground when it lands.
  • Up 3 – Upper Cutter: Stronger on the way up and when it lands, but can't hit foes on the way down.

  • Down 2 – Grounding Stone: Takes longer to transform, but enemies on the ground will be buried.
  • Down 3 – Meteor Stone: Meteor smashes enemies it hits, but takes longer to turn back to Kirby, so actually using it over a pit where it's effective is dangerous. (But not impossible.)

King Dedede

  • Standard 2 – Dedede Storm: Sucks foes in, hits them repeatedly, and launches them up into the air.
  • Standard 3 – Taste Test: Inhales quickly and immediately spits opponents out. Does more damage but is less versatile.

  • Side 2 – Topspin Gordo: Comes out slowly at first, but flies far forward quickly when it hits the ground.
  • Side 3 – Bouncing Gordo: Bounces back and forth. Lasts a good while but doesn't do much damage.

  • Up 2 – Rising Dedede: Jump high and attack on the way up, but not on the way down.
  • Up 3 – Quick Dedede Jump: Doesn't travel very far or damage as much, but it moves quickly.

  • Down 2 – Armored Jet Hammer: Less likely to flinch while charging, but damages Dedede more and enemies less.
  • Down 3 – Dash Jet Hammer: Pushes Dedede back while it's charging (but not so much that it can't be negated by walking forward) and sends him flying forward when unleashed.

Meta Knight

  • Standard 2 – Entangling Tornado: Draws enemies in. Tap the button to extend the duration, but horizontal movement is much lower in the air and doesn't go as high.
  • Standard 3 – Dreadful Tornado: Longer reach and more powerful with a slow, powerful, launching strike at the end. Can't be increased with the special button and has no vertical movement at all.

  • Side 2 – High-Speed Drill: Has a longer range but flight path can't be adjusted.
  • Side 3 – Shieldbreaker Drill: Less range and power but breaks shields easily.

  • Up 2 – Blade Coaster: Takes longer to get going, but moves at a diagonal angle and knocks enemies diagonally.
  • Up 3 – Lazy Shuttle Loop: The first hit is gone but has better height and a stronger final hit.

  • Down 2 – Shield Piercer: Penetrates shields, but has low power and range.
  • Down 3 – Stealth Smasher: Travel farther but remain vulnerable for longer after using it.

Little Mac

  • Standard 2 – Flaming Straight Lunge: Less charge time and less power. It's on fire.
  • Standard 3 – Stunning Straight Lunge: Travels farther and inflicts paralysis, but damages and knocks enemies back less.

  • Side 2 – Ground Blow: Buries the opponent but doesn't have the immunity to projectiles that the standard version has.
  • Side 3 – Guard Breaker: Slower, weaker, and with less range, but has knockback resistance and ignores shields entirely.

  • Up 2 – Tornado Uppercut: Increases recovery but reduces damage.
  • Up 3 – Rising Smash: Less recovery for more power and knockback. Not that Little Mac can spare any recovery power.

  • Down 2 – Compact Counter: Low knockback but is faster and starts faster, so it's easy to follow up with another attack or twelve.
  • Down 3 – Dash Counter: Lunges forward when countering, but can't attack enemies directly in front of Mac.


  • Standard 2 – Impact Blaster: Falco's blaster. Doesn't fire as rapidly, but does more damage and knocks opponents back a bit.
  • Standard 3 – Charge Blaster: Charge it up to fire one powerful shot. Slow but strong.

  • Side 2 – Fox Burst: The dash doesn't hurt enemies, but the explosion at the end does.
  • Side 3 – Wolf Flash: Dash forward and up at an angle. Meteor smashes at the end. Still wish Wolf was till a playable character.

  • Up 2 – Flying Fox: Doesn't have to charge, but doesn't damage enemies either.
  • Up 3 – Twisting Fox: Spin to draw enemies in, then rise into the air, hitting them a few times on the way up.

  • Down 2 – Big Reflector: A big ol' reflective shield that doesn't make reflected projectiles any stronger.
  • Down 3 – Amplifying Reflector: Takes a moment to turn on, but makes reflected projectiles even faster and stronger.


  • Standard 2 – Explosive Blaster: Blaster shots are bigger and slower but explode when they hit someone.
  • Standard 3 – Burst Blaster: Fox's quick blaster that doesn't make enemies flinch.

  • Side 2 – Phase: Starts faster and goes farther. Invincible while using it, but doesn't damage enemies.
  • Side 3 – Falco Charge: High power but doesn't go as far.

  • Up 2 – Fast Fire Bird: A bit faster but doesn't travel as far or damage as much.
  • Up 3 – Distant Fire Bird: Slower to start, but goes higher. Fire trail can damage enemies.

  • Down 2 – Reflector Void: Reflector itself does more damage and knockback. Takes a moment to get going, though.
  • Down 3 – Accele-Reflector: Improves reflected projectiles but only reflects on the way out, not the way back.


  • Standard 2 – Thunder Wave: Stuns opponents for a while but doesn't have much range.
  • Standard 3 – Shoots a ball of electricity out, which blasts and disappears. Does more damage if the blast connects instead of the ball itself.

  • Side 2 – Shocking Skull Bash: Deals multiple hits. The final hit knocks enemies back more.
  • Side 3 – Heavy Skull Bash: Deals more damage at the very start at the attack.

  • Up 2 – Meteor Quick Attack: Has a meteor smash effect. There's a very slight pause between attacks.
  • Up 3 – Quick Feet: Only moves once, but moves far.

  • Down 2 – Thunder Burst: An electric attack that originates from Pikachu himself. High knockback.
  • Down 3 – Distant Thunder: The thundercloud spawns higher up. Does more damage near the cloud and less damage near Pikachu..


  • Standard 2 – Fire Fang: Short range that hits quickly and continuously. Doesn't lose power with time and ends with a chomp when you let go of the button. Can be aimed a little bit.
  • Standard 3 – Fireball Cannon: Fires a single fireball that travels far. Does less damage than the standard version.

  • Side 2 – Blast Burn: Slower, but does more damage than the already-powerful Flare Blitz. This applies both to the target and the user.
  • Side 3 – Dragon Rush: Less powerful, but has no recoil.

  • Up 2 – Rising Cyclone: Less recovery distance, but sucks opponents in and launches them. Pretty powerful.
  • Up 3 – Fly High: Doesn't damage at all, but has more vertical distance.

  • Down 2 – Sinking Skull: Headbutts the opponent. They get stuck in the floor.
  • Down 3 – Rock Hurl: The fragments fly farther, but does less damage.


  • Standard 2 – Snaring Aura Sphere: Travels slowly but draws opponents into it.
  • Standard 3 – Piercing Aura Sphere: Low power, but moves fast and pierces through enemies. Can be fired quickly.

  • Side 2 – Advancing Force Palm: Lucario travels far before releasing the force palm, but the attack itself has lower range.
  • Side 3 – Long-Distance Force Palm: Longer range but lower power. Pushes enemies away.

  • Up 2 – Ride the Wind: Travel farther but don't damage enemies.
  • Up 3 – Extreme Speed Attack: Increases knockback but also increases startup time.

  • Down 2 – Glancing Counter: Lucario parries and drives its fist into the foe.
  • Down 3 – Stunning Double Team: Counter causes paralysis.


  • Standard 2 – Relentless Rollout: Passes through foes instead of bouncing off, because some people weren't dying every time they used the standard version.
  • Standard 3 – Raging Rollout: Longer charge time but does high damage to foes and their shields.

  • Side 2 – Sideways Pound: Cancels momentum and deals less damage. Knocks enemies horizontally instead of up.
  • Side 3 – Pound Blitz: Attacks multiple times for more damage, moving Jigglypuff farther forward.

  • Up 2 – Hyper Voice: Damages foes instead of putting them to sleep.
  • Up 3 – Spinphony: Flips enemies around in stead of damaging them or putting them to sleep.

  • Down 2 – Leaping Rest: Launch forward before going to sleep.
  • Down 3 – Wakie Wakie: Doesn't launch or damage foes upon falling asleep. Jiggly puff wakes up quicker and explodes, damaging herself a little and her foes a lot.


  • Standard 2 – Stagnant Shuriken: Hovers in place where it's created.
  • Standard 3 – Shifting Shuriken: Hold the button a little or a lot for two different types of shurikens. The weaker one sends enemies straight up while the stronger one sends them flying towards Greninja.

  • Side 2 – Shadow Strike: Moves slower but can move farther. Deals more knockback.
  • Side 3 – Shadow Dash: Teleprot instantly, with no moving shadow. Always teleports a set distance, which is a bit less than the maximum range of the regular version. Does less knockback.

  • Up 2 – High-Capacity Pump: Slower than Hydro Pump, but can be controlled more easily.
  • Up 3 – Single Shot Pump: Can't change directions but it goes much farther.

  • Down 2 – Exploding Attack: Not a counter. Disappear for a moment and then reappear with an explosion.
  • Down 3 – Substitute Ambush: A delay before the attack, but it's extra powerful and damages shields a great deal.

Duck Hunt

  • Standard 2 – High-Explosive Shot: Can is only kicked once, far and fast. Press the special button to make it explode immediately at any time.
  • Standard 3 – Zigzag Shot: Can alternates directions each time it's shot. The explosion sends enemies straight up.

  • Side 2 – Rising Clay: The clay pigeon rises into the air, slowly. Can't be shot. The farther it travels, the more damage it does.
  • Side 3 – Clay Break: The pigeon can be shot three times. The first two times have varying accuracy, but the last one will always hit. Shots are more powerful than the standard version.

  • Up 2 – Duck Jump Snag: Dog bites repeatedly as he's carried up.
  • Up 3 – Super Duck Jump: After a short delay, the pair shoots up into the air, leaving a gust of wind behind that pushes enemies back. Goes higher than the default version.

  • Down 2 – Quick Draw Aces: Do less damage and don't reach as far, but the gunmen fire faster.
  • Down 3 – Mega Gunmen: A large gunman acts as a human shield. Will fire after a long pause if it doesn't get hit.


  • Standard 2 – Wide-Angle Beam: Laser can be fired at a wider angle. Doesn't do as much damage, though.
  • Standard 3 – Infinite Robo Beam: Recharges much faster but has lower range and power.

  • Side 2 – Reflector Arm: The spin lasts longer, meaning reflecting projectiles is easier, but you can't move forward.
  • Side 3 – Backward Arm Rotor: Takes a long time to get going. Spins while knocking opponents behind R.O.B.

  • Up 2 – Robot Rocket: Travel much farther vertically, but can't use aerial attacks.
  • Up 3 – High-Speed Burner: Faster and travels farther horizontally, but burns through fuel quickly.

  • Down 2 – Fire Gyro: Does fire damage. Stronger but doesn't go as far.
  • Down 3 – Slip Gyro: Slides along the ground instead of bouncing. Trips enemies.


  • Standard 2 – Rising PK Flash: Goes higher with limited control. Less damage but bigger blast radius.
  • Standard 3 – PK Freeze: Does less damage but freezes opponents. Ness still isn't as good as Lucas was, though.

  • Side 2 – PK Bonfire: Less range but larger flames that last longer and damage more.
  • Side 3 – PK Fire Burst: Increased range but only hits once.

  • Up 2 – Lasting PK Thunder: Passes through enemies and travels more slowly, but can turn more sharply.
  • Up 3 – Rolling PK Thunder: Slower and larger. Does more damage and knockback, as does Ness when he launches himself with it.

  • Down 2 – PSI Vacuum: Pulls enemies closer and explodes when the button is released. Doesn't absorb anything.
  • Down 3 – Forward PSI Magnet: Holds the PSI Magnet out in front, doing damage when the button is released. Takes longer to shut off and doesn't protect Lucas from projectiles that don't hit it.

Captain Falcon

  • Standard 2 – Falcon Dash Punch: Move horizontally but do less damage.
  • Standard 3 – Mighty Falcon Punch: Fiery bird has more vertical length. Move forward slightly when punching.

  • Side 2 – Heavy Raptor Boost: Travels less distance but does more damage.
  • Side 3 – Wind-up Raptor Boost: There's a slight delay before charging forward, but it's stronger.

  • Up 2 – Falcon Strike: Doesn't damage but has much better recovery.
  • Up 3 – Explosive Falcon Dive: Doesn't recover very well, but does more damage. Takes a moment to come out.

  • Down 2 – Falcon Kick Fury: Hits multiple times and launches opponents at the end.
  • Down 3 – Lightning Falcon Kick: Faster than normal. Passes through enemies and sends them upwards.


  • Standard 2 – Garden: Plant a flower on your foe's head if you hit them with the vortex. The flower gets bigger if you hit them multiple times. Can still pocket stuff, but it needs to be closer and projectiles won't be powered up.
  • Standard 3 – Pocket Plus: Easier to pocket stuff but doesn't power up projectiles as much.

  • Side 2 – Liftoff Lloid: Rocket curves up, allowing for greater vertical recovery and attacking enemies above.
  • Side 3 – Pushy Lloid: Rocket is bigger and slower, damaging more, hitting enemies multiple times and exploding.

  • Up 2 – Extreme Balloon Trip: Slower, but the balloons will explode one at a time when you press the attack button. If you land with the balloons on your head, they'll explode on either side.
  • Up 3 – Balloon High Jump: Not really flight, but a very high jump. Goes higher but doesn't let you float.

  • Down 2 – Timber Counter: Grows faster. The sapling makes enemies trip. The full grown tree reflects projectiles and counters direct damage. Doesn't wither as fast, but takes less punshment before being destroyed. Doesn't do as much damage when falling.
  • Down 3 – Super Timber: Grows more slowly. Watering can has longer range. The tree itself grows much bigger and does more damage when falling.


  • Standard 2 – Hardy Pikmin Pluck: Takes longer to pull Pikmin from the ground, but they can take more damage.
  • Standard 3 – Explosive Pluck: Pikmin burst from the ground with an explosion.

  • Side 2 – Sticky Pikmin Throw: Pikmin do less damage but attack faster and can't be shaken off as easily.
  • Side 3 – Tackle Pikmin Throw: Pikmin don't latch onto enemies at all, but they do more damage.

  • Up 2 – Winged Pikmin Jump: Fly farther but spend less time in the air.
  • Up 3 – Mighty Winged Pikmin: Can't fly as far, but don't fly any less when carrying Pikmin

  • Down 2 – Order Tackle: Pikmin hit one last time on their way back to Olimar.
  • Down 3 – Dizzy Whistle: Nearby opponents are spun around by the whistle.

Wii Fit Trainer

  • Standard 2 – Enriched Sun Salutation: Light ball charges by shrinking. Charges faster and the smaller projectile does more damage, though it might be a bit tougher to aim since it's smaller. Doesn't heal you.
  • Standard 3 – Sweeping Sun Salutation: Energy ball travels more slowly, but hits enemies multiple times and pushes them.

  • Side 2 – Huge Header: The ball is bigger and slower. Does less damage but hits easier. You can hit it again to send it flying again.
  • Side 3 – Weighted Header: Heavy ball does more damage but drops faster.

  • Up 2 – Jumbo Hoop: Hula hoops are larger and damage over a wider area, but won't send you as high.
  • Up 3 – Hoop Hurricane: Pulls enemies in while rising, then knocks them upwards.

  • Down 2 – Volatile Breathing: Causes an explosion and has no positive effect on your character.
  • Down 3 – Steady Breathing: If successful, you'll become completely immune to launching for a short time. Move takes a while to cool down, though.

Dr. Mario

  • Standard 2 – Fast Capsule: Throws a faster, weaker capsule in a straight line.
  • Standard 3 – Mega Capsule: Throws a large, slow, short ranged capsule that hits multiple times.

  • Side 2 – Shocking Sheet: Wave an electrified sheet that stuns and damages enemies but destroys projectiles instead of reflecting them.
  • Side 3 – Breezy Sheet: Create a gust of wind that pushes enemies back.

  • Up 2 – Super Jump: Jumps higher than Super Jump Punch, but doesn't punch, so no damage.
  • Up 3 – Ol' One-Two: Doesn't go as high, but ends with an explosion that sends enemies flying.

  • Down 2 – Mach Tornado: Grants more vertical lift than the standard version, but can't move as far horizontally.
  • Down 3 – Clothesline Tornado: Slower than normal, but launches farther.

Dark Pit

  • Standard 2 – Piercing Bow: Stronger, piercing arrow that takes longer to charge and can't be guided.
  • Standard 3 – Guiding Bow: Can be guided even easier than the standard version, but is weaker.

  • Side 2 – Electrocut Arm: Readies the weapon and strikes when an enemy gets close. Won't flinch when waiting.
  • Side 3 – Quickshock Arm: Faster and longer range. Continue moving even after the uppercut.

  • Up 2 – Striking Flight: Can't be aimed as well, but deals damage when taking off.
  • Up 3 – Breezy Flight: Doesn't fly very far, but creates a whirlwind around Pit that pushes enemies back.

  • Down 2 – Impact Orbitars: Damage foes and knock them back, but have no defensive capabilities.
  • Down 3 – Amplifying Orbitars: Increases the strength of reflected projectiles, but can easily be broken.


  • Standard 2 – Storm Thrust: Produces a gust of wind that pushes enemies away. More powerful if charged.
  • Standard 3 – Dashing Asault: Thrusts forward a significant distance when unleashed.

  • Side 2 – Effortless Blade: Does the entire Dancing Blade combo every time, but for less damage, and moves can't be changed by pressing up or down.
  • Side 3 – Heavy Blade: Each slash of the combo does more damage but has less knockback and the delay between strikes is longer.

  • Up 2 – Crescent Slash: Slashes at a diagonal angle and damages more damage on the way up.
  • Up 3 – Dolphin Jump: Leap higher, but don't do any damage.

  • Down 2 – Easy Counter: Counter is easier to pull off but does less damage.
  • Down 3 – Iai Counter: A stylish counter that will send you dashing quickly past your foe before sending them back behind you.


  • Standard 2 – Decisive Monado Arts: Arts last longer but can't be changed once activated.
  • Standard 3 – Hyper Monado Arts: Benefits and drawbacks of each Art are amplified. Don't last as long.

  • Side 2 – Back Slash Leap: Shulk leaps high into the air to slash the foe.
  • Side 3 – Back Slash Charge: Leap farther and resist knockback in the air. Does less damage, though.

  • Up 2 – Advancing Air Slash: The first slash sends Shulk up, and the second sends him forward.
  • Up 3 – Mighty Air Slash: The slash is more powerful, but the reach is short and you have less control when falling.

  • Down 2 – Dash Vision: Shulk steps forward, extending the range of the counter. It's faster but weaker.
  • Down 3 – Power Vision: Easier to counter and does more damage, but it becomes less effective if it's used more often.


  • Standard 2 – Freaky Fruit: Fruit take on weird properties. Cherries bounce back and forth with high vertical distance, strawberries bounce similarly with long horizontal distance, peaches fly straight ahead, apples bounce rapidly across the ground, melons bounce very far at a huge arc before bouncing back and disappearing half way back, the Galaxian travels far before doing a u-turn and coming back, the bell moves slightly forward before shooting up into the air, and the key appears directly in front of Pac-Man and does a little damage. The key is greatly nerfed.
  • Standard 3 – Lazy Fruit: Fruits cycle more slowly, making it easier to choose the one you want. Takes forever to get to the later ones, though. Fruit stays on the ground longer after being thrown.

  • Side 2 – Distant Power Pellet: Takes longer to come out because the trail is longer. Of course, this means you can travel longer.
  • Side 3 – Enticing Power Pellet: Moves very slowly, but draws enemies towards it.

  • Up 2 – Meteor Trampoline: When the Trampoline turns red, it damages meteor smashes anyone who lands on it, including Pac-Man. You can act again after getting meteor smashed. Buries players if the trampoline is close to the ground.
  • Up 3 – Power Pac-Jump: Trampolines send Pac-Man higher, but they don't stick around.

  • Down 2 – On-Fire Hydrant: Hydrant sprays fire instead of water. Damages Pac-Man if he touches it.
  • Down 3 – Dire Hydrant: Explodes after hitting the ground.

Mega Man

  • Standard 2 – Hyper Bomb: Bomb Man's weapon. Toss a bomb at an arc that explodes on impact. Can be aimed in multiple directions anyway.
  • Standard 3 – Shadow Blade: Shadow Man's weapon. Has a boomerang effect, unless it hits the stage, in which case it simply vanishes.

  • Side 2 – Ice Slasher: Ice Man's weapon. Passes through enemies and freezes them if they've taken enough damage.
  • Side 3 – Danger Wrap: Burst Man's weapon. A small bomb encased in a bubble floats up towards the sky. Explodes if it touches someone.

  • Up 2 – Tornado Hold: Tengu Man's weapon. Drops a fan on the ground that pushes Mega Man upwards. Sucks enemies in and damages them, too.
  • Up 3 – Beat: Mega Man's bird buddy carries him into the air. Takes a moment to takeoff, and moves more slowly than Rush, but has more horizontal distance.

  • Down 2 – Skull Barrier: Skull Man's weapon. Doesn't do any damage but reflects projectiles and pushes enemies.
  • Down 3 – Plant Barrier: Plant Man's weapon. Petals take more punishment, but moves more slowly and have less range when they're thrown.

Sonic the Hedgehog

  • Standard 2 – Stomp: Slams into the ground, a bit like a Bubble Shield. Doesn't home in on enemies or need to charge.
  • Standard 3 – Surprise Attack: Faster and more accurate but does less damage.

  • Side 2 – Hammer Spin Dash: The little hop at the start of this match is less little. Players hit by the hop on the way down are buried.
  • Side 3 – Burning Spin Dash: Flaming Spin Dash that is tougher to follow up.

  • Up 2 – Double Spring: Doesn't send Sonic as high, but can be performed a second time before hitting the ground.
  • Up 3 – Springing Headbutt: Damages enemies on the way up. Goes a little higher if oyu connect with an enemy.

  • Down 2 – Auto-Spin Charge: Can be held indefinitely without tapping B, but doesn't do damage before taking off.
  • Down 3 – Gravitational Charge: Pull enemies towards Sonic or push them away, depending on which direction he's facing.

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