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Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - Characters (Page 2)Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - Characters (Page 2)

Fox is quick and spry with decent attack power and a few launchers. His upward aerial attack is a good aerial finisher. His up and side finishers will do the job on the ground. His aerial game is not what it used to be, but he's still nothing to sneeze at up there. Fox can wall jump.

  • Standard Special – Blaster: Fire a stream of lasers by repeatedly hitting the button. Doesn't make the opponent flinch.

  • Side Special – Fox Illusion: Dash straight ahead at great speed. Sends foes into the air, but not very far. If you accidentally fall off a ledge, you can recover with a double jump or Fire Fox.

  • Up Special – Fire Fox: Gradually get more and more bloated over time until you're no longer the quick, lightweight web browser you once were. Or, er, engulf yourself in flames and propel yourself in any direction.

  • Down Special – Reflector: Erect a barrier that bounces projectiles back at foes. The projectiles gain speed and power after they hit you. Can also push enemies away if they're close when the barrier goes up.

  • Final Smash – Landmaster: Get inside of a giant tank. Fire guns with the attack buttons or do a barrel roll by double tapping down on the circle pad. If an enemy is on top of the Landmaster, you can hover into the air and push them out of the screen for a KO.


Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - Characters (Page 2)Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - Characters (Page 2)

Falco is similar to Fox with a few noteworthy changes. He moves a little slower than Fox and hits a little harder. He jumps higher and falls slower, thanks to his hollow bones. His aerial down attack is a powerful meteor smash if you connect with the point of light that appears. The same holds true for his aerial back as a launcher. His up smash is probably his best ground launcher. Falco jumps off walls like a pro.

  • Standard Special – Blaster: Can't be fired as rapidly as Fox's blaster, but makes enemies flinch. Fires faster when Falco is airborne.

  • Side Special – Falco Phantasm: Dash forward, damaging any enemies you hit. Sends enemies into the air if they're on the ground or works as a pretty good meteor smash against airborne enemies.

  • Up Special – Fire Bird: Catch fire and blast through the air in any direction, burning enemies.

  • Down Special – Reflector: Falco's reflector sends the forcefield forward and then back to Falco. This means he can't keep it up indefinitely like Fox can. It's better for knocking enemies away, though.

  • Final Smash – Landmaster: Basically the same as Fox's except it flies faster and moves along the ground slower. Blast enemies with the attack buttons, fly with the jump buttons, or barrel roll by double taping down on the circle pad.


Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - Characters (Page 2)Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - Characters (Page 2)

Pikachu is small and fast, but light, and many of his attacks don't hit very hard. He doesn't have any good aerial launchers unless you can manage to land his side special in the air. His up smash is a handy finisher, but his side smash doesn't send enemies that far. It does, however, do decent damage, and it has longer range than most of tiny Pikachu's attacks. His electric attacks are generally pretty damaging. Pikachu can wall jump.

  • Standard Special – Thunder Jolt: Sends out a little arc of electricity that crawls along the ground. Can also crawl up or down walls or along ceilings.

  • Side Special – Skull Bash: Charge this attack to increase its strength and distance. Sends Pikachu flying towards an enemy, damaging and launching them.

  • Up Special – Quick Attack: Doesn't do much damage, but if you can master doing two in a row by changing the direction of the circle pad in the middle of the move, it becomes a great recovery move.

  • Down Special – Thunder: Pikachu shouts "SHAZAM!" and calls down a lightning bolt to transform into the powerful Captain Marvel. Or not. The lightning bolt is unique in that it's an attack that comes from very high up, meaning it can strike enemies above Pikachu from above. With some skill, sometimes you can shock an airborne enemy with it enough to send them high enough for a KO. It does splash damage if it hits Pikachu, which does more damage to enemies than simply hitting them with the bolt. The bolt is faster and more powerful on the way down if it will hit Pikachu, too. The lightning travels down through thin platforms only if used while standing on the ground.

  • Final Smash – Volt Tackle: Become a giant, erratically-moving ball of electricity. This can be difficult to control. Press A to flash and do more damage. You'll be able to fly anywhere, including way off stage to chase after enemies you've knocked away to finish them off. Once you start slowing down, make sure you get back to some place safe, because it's about to wear off and you don't want to be too far from solid ground when that happens.


Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - Characters (Page 2)Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - Characters (Page 2)

Charizard is tough as nails. Heavy and slow on the ground, but he can fly a little bit. All of his smash attacks are excellent finishers, as are most of his special moves. His forward aerial is a good finisher, too, and his back aerial does extra damage if you connect with the flame on Charizard's tail. Charizard is no longer part of a Pokemon team, but he's gotten stronger to compensate. Now he's a one-dragon wrecking crew.

  • Standard Special – Flamethrower: Breathe fire like Bowser. This move will get weaker the longer it's used, but it will never go out completely. Stop using it for a while to let it recharge.

  • Side Special – Flare Blitz: Fly straight ahead and explode to do heavy damage with lots of knockback. Damages Charizard a bit, too, though. This tradeoff stops mattering when you're already heavily damaged. If you're one medium-strength hit away from death, racking up a few more percentage points with this move won't make you any more vulnerable.

  • Up Special – Fly: Fly up into the sky and damage enemies repeatedly. Angle can be adjusted a bit, but not very much.

  • Down Special – Rock Smash: Headbutt a rock to send fragments flying. The fragments damage enemies, and so does the headbutt. Useful against non-standard enemies like Master Hand.

  • Final Smash – Mega Evolution: Mega Evolve into Mega Charizard X. This new form can fly anywhere. Press A for a stronger version of Fly that does more damage and can be aimed in any direction. Press B to unleash a Fire Blast for heavy damage. You can't be KO'd in this form, but the more hits you take, the sooner you'll revert back to regular Charizard.


Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - Characters (Page 2)Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - Characters (Page 2)

Lucario is quick and nimble with attacks that do below-average damage at first. Lucario's secret is his Aura power, which makes his attacks get stronger and stronger as he takes more damage. This is reflected in the size of some of his special attacks. He has an especially good counter move, and while none of his aerial attacks are particularly good launchers until his damage gets up, his side smash attack gets the job done on the ground. Lucario can wall grab and jump.

  • Standard Special – Aura Sphere: Charge a ball of energy and either fire it right away or store it for later. Unlike most moves with storeable charges, the charge animation won't end when it's fully powerful. You'll just stand there until you move. The sphere itself damages enemies that touch it while it's charging, though. Does a nice bit of damage, especially if Lucario is suffering from a lot of damage himself. Charges a bit more quickly than many similar moves.

  • Side Special – Force Palm: Grab the enemy and rough them up a bit. Works best up close.

  • Up Special – Extreme Speed: Dash in the air. Entirely a recovery move as it doesn't do any damage. You can alter your path a bit by tilting the circle pad in mid air. Range increases drastically with Aura power.

  • Down Special – Double Team: Counter an incoming attack by teleporting behind the foe and kicking them in the back.

  • Final Smash – Mega Evolve: Mega Evolve into Mega Lucario. Very similar to regular Lucario except all of his moves are powered up. Attacks have huge knockback and are even more powerful than Lucario's standard attacks when his Aura is otherwise maxed out. Lucario's damage has no extra effect on his attacks in this mode, not that he needs it. If Lucario has custom moves equipped, he'll use powered up versions of those. He'll devolve back to regular Lucario faster the more damage he takes, though....


Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - Characters (Page 2)Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - Characters (Page 2)

Jigglypuff is essentially a balloon, so she's light and can be knocked out easily. Her more powerful special attacks leave her wide open, making her a risky character to play as. Her upward throw is a surprisingly good finisher. Her up, back, forward, and even neutral aerial attacks are quick and hard for what they are, and her down aerial can do a good bit of damage if all of the hits connect. Don't underestimate this creampuff. Also don't let her oversized shield break, because she'll die.

  • Standard Special – Rollout: Charge up and blast off, rolling into enemies and doing heavy damage. Be careful not to roll off the platform to your demise.

  • Side Special – Pound: Step forward and lay 'em out with a punch. Sends enemies straight up into the air. You can use this repeatedly in the air to gain some extra horizontal distance if you run out of flying power.

  • Up Special – Sing: Put enemies to sleep. The more damage they've take, the more trouble they'll have waking up.

  • Down Special – Rest: Go to sleep. The secret is to do it very close to an enemy. As close as possible. The moment Jigglypuff closes her eyes, the enemy will take heavy damage and be launched into the air with a flower on their head to do even more damage. A strangely awesome finisher. High risk, because if you miss, you'll be completely vulnerable. Even if you hit, you'll be vulnerable if there are other opponents around.

  • Final Smash – Puff Up: Expand to a huge size, taking up most of the space of most stages, then let out a bloodcurdling cry to send enemies flying.


Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - Characters (Page 2)Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - Characters (Page 2)

Greninja is a frog ninja, so of course he can jump high. He moves quickly and has some nice aerial moves and his up smash attack is a nice finisher. If it connects correctly, his aerial down is a meteor smash, and even if it connects wrong, it's still insanely fun to bounce off opponents' heads. If it misses entirely, though, it can mean doom if you're not over solid ground. Greninja can stick to walls and jump from them. Greninja's down taunt actually does a tiny amount of damage and can finish an opponent with high enough damage, though they'd have to be REALLY weak. Like 500% damage or more.

  • Standard Special – Water Shuriken: Charge up this shuriken made of water and unleash it to damage enemies. The more you charge it, the bigger and stronger it will be. Can damage enemies with multiple hits.

  • Side Special – Shadow Sneak: Send out your shadow, then release the button to teleport to that spot and attack. You can move around while your shadow is moving. This is a tricky move to pull off but it's useful once you get the hang of it.

  • Up Special – Hydro Pump: Squirt through the air on a jet of water. You can change direction in midair.

  • Down Special – Substitute: A counter move that works even if you're not facing your foe, and even works with projectiles. Leave a Substitute behind and appear above the enemy to attack. King Dedede and Kirby can inhale and eat the Substitute for some reason. This does a good bit of damage and is a handy finisher once you master it.

  • Final Smash – Secret Ninja Attack: Launch an enemy a short distance in front of you into the air, then go after them. Attack them repeatedly from all sides, then slam them into the ground to finish them off.

Duck Hunt

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - Characters (Page 2)Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - Characters (Page 2)

"Duck Hunt" is the collective name of the dog, the duck, and whatever sniper appears off-screen firing a Zapper for special and smash attacks. You directly control the dog and duck, which probably means they've been in cahoots since the 80's. Their smash attacks each cause three crosshairs to appear on screen, one after the other in quick succession, each getting shot by some invisible person with a Zapper. Their low smash fires in front of, behind, and then in front of the Dog again. This sends the enemy back, forward, and then launches them backwards. The range of their side smash attack is quite good, and it gets even better if you charge it. Their down aerial attack has two hits, one from the dog and one from the duck, the second of which is a pretty good meteor smash. Their back aerial is a decent launcher, though you'll mostly want to stick to your smash attacks for that. Duck Hunt can wall jump.

  • Standard Special – Trick Shot: Kick an explosive can from Hogan's Alley. Press the button again to shoot the can and juggle it in the air. It will explode when it hits someone, after a certain number of shots, or after a certain amount of time has passed. Gets a little bit stronger after you shoot it a few times. Opponents can knock it away. Great for edge guarding.

  • Side Special – Clay Shooting: Toss a clay pigeon that flies like a frisbee. Press the button again and you'll shoot at its position three times. Time this to catch an enemy in the blast.

  • Up Special – Duck Jump: Fly up into the air with the duck. This is a recovery move only, and does not damage opponents.

  • Down Special – Wild Gunman: Summon an outlaw from Wild Gunman at random. There are five possible outlaws who will answer your call, each firing at different speeds. Outlaws who fire more promptly do more damage. The outlaws can be knocked out if they're hit hard and fast enough.

  • Final Smash – NES Zapper Posse: Ducks fly out of nowhere and hit enemies a short distance in front of you, sending them to a weird 8-bit area. Summon characters from Wild Gunman and Hogan's Alley to have a shootout, regardless of who gets caught in the crossfire.


Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - Characters (Page 2)Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - Characters (Page 2)

R.O.B.'s a bit faster than he was in Brawl. He can be tricky to use thanks to the fact that three of his specials require some kind of charging. His upward smash is a great finisher if you can land it, though it will likely only work against airborne opponents. His neutral, back, and down aerial attacks all use his thrusters and have pretty good knockback because of that. The down one is a useful meteor smash. His back aerial also propels him forward a little bit.

  • Standard Special – Robo Beam: Fire a laser that can be aimed slightly up or down. If it hits the floor, it will bounce off at an angle. Must be recharged before firing again. The light on R.O.B.'s head will flash faster as it gets stronger, and will shine brighter when it's at max power.

  • Side Special – Arm Rotor: Dash forward with spinning arms. Can reflect projectiles. Mash the button to spin a bit farther.

  • Up Special – Robo Burner: Fly into the air. Doesn't damage enemies, but, unlike most recovery moves, you can use it, cancel it to attack, and use it again, repeatedly, until you run out of fuel. R.O.B. will refuel while on the ground. The less fuel you have, the less distance you can fly.

  • Down Special – Gyro: Offer a giant chunk of pork on a spit to the enemy as a delicious peace offering. Or spin a gyro to charge it, then throw it at an enemy. One or the other. The gyro can be picked up and tossed again. Only one gyro can be in play at one time.

  • Final Smash – Super Diffusion Beam: R.O.B. fires a medium range laser that branches off in different directions. Can be aimed up or down slightly.


Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - Characters (Page 2)Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - Characters (Page 2)

Ness is light and floaty, but his PK attacks pack a punch. His side smash is an excellent launcher, using a baseball bat to knock the opponent away. This attack can also reflect projectiles. Thanks to his psychic powers, his throws get a good bit of distance, too. His aerials mostly use his PK powers and hit multiple times. His back aerial is his best aerial launcher, followed by his up aerial, and his down aerial is a meteor smash, though it can be a little reliable since it needs to connect correctly. Ness has a high standard double jump because his triple jump can be tricky to pull off.

  • Standard Special – PK Flash: Create an explosive ball of psychic energy. It will charge as you hold B, and does massive damage with huge knockback when fully charged. It moves strangely, and is difficult to land. It rises into the air and then drifts back down. You can have limited control over its movements. It will explode on its own after a time, and if you use it on the ground, it will probably hit the floor and dissipate before that happens. It reaches full strength before that point, though.

  • Side Special – PK Fire: A tiny spark of fire becomes a pillar of flames when it hits an enemy. Doesn't travel very far. Travels straight on the ground or diagonally down when used in the air.

  • Up Special – PK Thunder: Control the direction on-the-fly with the circle pad. Shock yourself with it to send yourself flying. This manoeuvre can be tricky to pull off without a bit of practice.

  • Down Special – PSI Magnet: Absorb energy-based projectiles as health. Works on things like fire and lasers, but not on physical things like capsules.

  • Final Smash – PK Starstorm: Summon a rain of meteors. They come down in a straight line from the centre of the screen, but they can be aimed left or right with the circle pad.

Captain Falcon

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - Characters (Page 2)Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - Characters (Page 2)

You know, Captain Falcon never had any of these awesome fiery moves before he appeared in the first Smash Bros.. Captain Falcon has both speed and power on his side, but he lacks projectiles. His aerial game seems just adequate at first, with a pretty good meteor smash in his down aerial and not much else. However, if you know to hit with his forward aerial from very close, you'll have access to his fastest and one of his most effective launchers. It does a good chunk of damage, too, meaning it's basically always worth doing if you have the opportunity. His up smash is a good ground finisher, but let's face it, if you're playing as Captain Falcon, you're doing it because you want to Falcon Punch everyone to death. Of course, Captain Falcon can wall jump.

  • Standard Special – Falcon Punch: Captain Falcon's most iconic move. Perhaps the most iconic move in all of Smash Bros.. Press B to wind up and punch with a flaming falcon. Takes a moment to come out but does heavy damage and knockback. If you hold the button and use the circle pad, you can turn around while winding up, hitting a foe behind you and doing a bit more damage than normal.

  • Side Special – Raptor Boost: Dash ahead and uppercut an enemy into the air with a fiery fist. Follow this with a Falcon Dive if you want. This is a meteor spike when used in the air, but is a bit risky. You'll bounce back if you hit your opponent in the air, which might be enough to send you back to the stage, but whether you hit or miss, you won't be able to double or triple jump before you hit the ground or something more dangerous.

  • Up Special – Falcon Dive: Leap into the air and grab an opponent before exploding off of them. You can control your trajectory a tiny bit. If this move connects, you'll be able to move again. It's technically possible to Falcon Dive off a bridge of foes to recover from a distance, but that kind of thing would require the stars to align.

  • Down Special – Falcon Kick: Fly forward on the ground with a flaming kick. In the air, this travels down diagonally.

  • Final Smash – Blue Falcon: Captain Falcon's racing machine knocks enemies to an F-Zero racetrack, then hits them to send them flying.


Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - Characters (Page 2)Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - Characters (Page 2)

You can switch the Villager's gender when picking him/her by using alternate skins. His down smash attack buries grounded enemies, which means it's terrible for launching but does have its uses. His side smash attack, in which he drops a bowling ball that can actually be dropped off of ledges to hit foes below, makes up for it. His up smash has decent range upwards but it's tough to hit enemies that aren't directly above you with it. His forward and back aerial attacks are actually projectiles. His up and down aerials whip out between one and three turnips and whacks the enemy with them. The number of 'nips is random, with more veggies doing more damage. What a truly odd character.

  • Standard Special – Pocket: Stick whatever item you're carrying in your pocket so you can fish it out and use it later. You can also use this to pocket incoming projectiles for later use, including powerful ones like Samus' charged shot. Even things like Pac-Man's fire hydrants and power pellets can be pocketed. Releasing a projectile like this will immediately fire it.

  • Side Special – Lloid Rocket: Fire a rocket-powered Gyroid that will explode on impact. Hold the input to hop on and ride it. Great for closing distances and recovering.

  • Up Special – Balloon Trip: Put on a Balloon Fighter's hat, for some reason, and fly around. Doesn't damage, but has great distance. Enemies can pop one of your balloons, causing you to have less control, or both, causing you to fall helplessly to earth.

  • Down Special – Timber: Each press of the input progresses this attack a bit more. First it plants a seedling, then it waters it which causes it to grow, then you hit it with an axe, and finally hit it one more time to send it toppling over. It needs to be hit twice from one side before it will fall. If you hit it once from one side and move to the other and hit it again, you'll have to hit it once more to finish the attack. It's a lot of work, and enemies can destroy it before it can be completed, but it does a lot of damage and has great potential to launch a foe.

  • Final Smash – Dream Home: Tom Nook and his two creepy nephews appear and build a house around any enemies directly in front of the Villager. Once it's done, it explodes, greatly damaging whoever is in side and also damaging anyone outside who happens to be caught in the blast.


Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - Characters (Page 2)Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - Characters (Page 2)

You can play as Alph by choosing a different skin on the character select screen. Olimar is a tricky character to use, because he depends heavily on his Pikmin, who are tragically expendable. You can have up to three Pikmin following you at one time, and if you lose any of them, you can pluck brand new ones from the ground. They come out in this order: Red, yellow, blue, white, purple. Each Pikmin has its own traits. Red ones do fire damage and take no damage from explosions. Yellow ones do electric damage and are immune to electricity. Blue ones don't do any element of damage. White ones do extra damage when clinging to opponents and can be thrown farther but do less with smash attacks. They also move faster but are killed easier. Purple ones don't cling to opponents at all and can't be thrown very far but do tons of damage with smash attacks and are the best at finishers. They also take more damage before dying. You can tell which Pikmin you'll use next by the little red arrow above its head. Pikmin can be killed by enemy attacks. Grab range is affected by the current Pikmin. All of Olimar's directional aerial attacks use Pikmin, and their traits are affected by the traits of the Pikmin. If he doesn't have any Pikmin, all aerials besides his neutral one will be completely ineffective. He also can't smash attack if he doesn't have any Pikmin with him. He's so complicated! His best finishers are attacks with purple pikmin.

  • Standard Special – Pikmin Pluck: Pluck a Pikmin out of the ground. You can carry a maximum of 3. They come out in the order of red, yellow, blue, white, and purple. They used to be semi-random in Brawl but not any more.

  • Side Special – Pikmin Throw: Toss your Pikmin various distances, depending on their colour. Most will attach to enemies and damage them, except purple ones, who will just damage them once directly.

  • Up Special – Winged Pikmin: Summon winged Pikmin to fly you around. You can't fly as far if you have more Pikmin.

  • Down Special – Pikmin Order: Summon stragglers to your side. This also pushes your current Pikmin to the back of the line and skips ahead to your next Pikmin.

  • Final Smash – End of Day: Fly away in Olimar's Dolphin spaceship and leave your foes to be eaten by Bulborbs, then come crashing down to earth and explode. You can aim the spaceship on the way down, enough to actually fly down a pit and die if you're not careful.

Wii Fit Trainer

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - Characters (Page 2)Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - Characters (Page 2)

Yoga FIRE! Wait, that's the wrong guy. You can choose between the male and female versions on the character select screen, and they're both ridiculous because they both attack with yoga poses and other exercises while giving generally helpful fitness advice. A couple of her special attacks can heal her slightly without any outside help. She's fast but her attacks can be a bit tough to connect. That includes her one really reliable finisher: Her upwards smash attack, which has nearly 0 sideways range. She has a couple of pretty good projectiles and, like so many active people, is best when she's on the move. Naturally, she can wall jump.

  • Standard Special – Sun Salutation: Charge it up and let it fly. A fully charged energy ball will heal you a little.

  • Side Special – Header: Spike a soccer ball at your foe at a downward angle. Bounces off of surfaces and can still damage enemies. Press the button a second time during the move to spike it earlier and send it at a higher angle. Shield to cancel the attack and let the ball drop. You can knock it away after that, though not for any reason in particular.

  • Up Special – Super Hoop: Hula hoop and float into the air, damaging enemies. Mash the button to float higher.

  • Down Special – Deep Breathing: Do the input to start inhaling, then press the button again just as the blue ring touches the red circle to heal yourself and increase your launching power. You can also just hold the button to inhale and release it to exhale, if that's more comfortable for you. Easy to interrupt and comes out much, much slower if you use it repeatedly without a break.

  • Final Smash – Wii Fit: Send out a flurry of yoga-posing silhouettes in a cone shape. Be weirder, Wii Fit Trainer.

Dr. Mario

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - Characters (Page 2)Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - Characters (Page 2)

Dr. Mario is nearly identical to regular Mario. He's a little bit slower and a little bit stronger but most people won't even notice that. Play as him the same way you play as Mario, except keep in mind that his down special is different. Perhaps the biggest, saddest difference is that his forward aerial attack is not a meteor smash.

  • Standard Special – Megavitamins: Throw vitamins that bounce along the ground. They bounce a bit higher than Mario's fireballs.

  • Side Special – Super Sheet: Wave a sheet that reflects projectiles and turns enemies around. Has shorter reach than Mario's cape, but wider range, vertically.

  • Up Special – Super Jump Punch: Doesn't combo like Mario's, but does more damage and has higher knockback at the start of the move, as opposed to the end.

  • Down Special – Dr. Tornado: Spin around, drawing in enemies and damaging them. You can move horizontally when spinning. Mash the button to rise a bit off the ground.

  • Final Smash – Dr. Mario Finale: Throw two gigantic, non-FDA-approved pills that sweep across the screen and damage enemies, possibly pushing them out of the stage for a KO.

Dark Pit

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - Characters (Page 2)Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - Characters (Page 2)

Dark Pit is more-or-less the same as Pit. He's a little slower, but also sends enemies flying farther. His most noticeable difference is his different final smash. Play him like you would play Pit.

  • Standard Special – Silver Bow: Fire a dark arrow that is a bit stronger than Pit's arrow but can't be controlled after firing as much.

  • Side Special – Electroshock Arm: Rush forward and uppercut an enemy. Sends them flying diagonally upwards, as opposed to straight up like Pit's version.

  • Up Special – Blast in any upward direction you want. A good recovery move.

  • Down Special – Guardian Orbitars: Block attacks and reflect incoming projectiles. Leaves you open from above and below.

  • Final Smash – Dark Pit Staff: Pittoo's final smash is actually different from Pit's. Fire a quick, powerful shot from your Dark Pit Staff straight ahead. Does lots of damage and has high KO power. It's basically a light arrow as fired by a jerk.


Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - Characters (Page 2)Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - Characters (Page 2)

Lucina is another clone, this time of Marth. She plays more or less the same, with her biggest difference being the fact that she has no "sweet spot" on her sword. Her attacks do the same damage no matter which part of the blade hits her foe. One or two of her attacks are barely noticeably slower or faster than Marth's versions, including her quicker Dancing Blade and slower side smash. You can essentially play her the way you play as Marth, though, with less thought put into spacing.

  • Standard Special – Shield Breaker: Charge up and thrust forward to piece shields. The longer you hold the button, the more damage it will do.

  • Side Special – Dancing Blade: Press the button repeatedly to unleash a combo of sword strikes. Hold the circle pad up or down to use high or low strikes.

  • Up Special – Dolphin Slash: Rise into the air with your sword. Does more damage at the very start of the move.

  • Down Special – Counter: Block an attack and retaliate with a proportionately powerful attack.

  • Final Smash – Critical Hit: Dash into an enemy (or more than one, if they're grouped together) and land a critical blow that will almost certainly KO them.


Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - Characters (Page 2)Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - Characters (Page 2)

Now it's Shulk time! Shulk is a bit tough to describe, thanks to his constantly shifting stances. He has a special move that allows him to activate one of five different modes that will strengthen some stats or ability and weaken others. His stances make him a good choice for Smash Run. By default, he has decent speed and above average damage dealing and launching power. His Monado sword extends with a beam of light, giving his smash attacks some nice range. His side smash can be aimed slightly up or down by tilting the circle pad while it's charging. All of his smash attacks are good launchers, though his up smash is most effective against enemies on platforms above Shulk and less effective against enemies on the same level. His back and forward aerials will do as launchers, and so will his up one if you can land it. (It thrusts straight up and takes a moment to fully come out.) Like so many other characters, his down aerial can spike enemies straight down. This is just as narrow and slow as his up aerial.

  • Standard Special – Monado Arts: This is the Monado's power! Press B to cycle through five Arts, each of which will have an effect on your abilities. It can be confusing, but Shulk will yell the name of the Art to help you out, and the strengthened bodypart will glow. They appear in the following order: Green ("Jump," increased jumping height, lower defense), blue ("Speed," faster movement speed, lower jumps, weaker attacks), yellow ("Shield," higher defense, weaker attacks, lower jumps, slower movements, less fun), purple ("Buster," stronger attacks, less launching power, lower defense), and red ("Smash," more launching power, more prone to being launched, less attack damage). It can be hard to keep straight. Each Art will wear off after a little while. You can't use the same Art twice in a row without waiting a while. You can press the B button a few times to cancel the Art manually.

  • Side Special – Back Slash: Leap forward and strike with an overhead slash. Does more damage and launches enemies farther if it hits while the opponent's back is turned.

  • Up Special – Air Slash: Leap into the air and strike an enemy up with you. Press the button again to do a follow up strike that works as an aerial launcher.

  • Down Special – Vision: Like so many other counter attacks, evade an attack and strike back. Push the stick forward after the incoming attack lands to dash past and send your opponent flying farther in the other direction.

  • Final Smash – Chain Attack: Summon Riki and Dunban (but not Reyn because Reyn is definitely going to be a DLC character) to gang up on the enemy and beat the tar out of them.


Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - Characters (Page 2)Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - Characters (Page 2)

Pac-Man is like a love letter to Namco's history of arcade games. He usually appears in his cartoony version (with all those limbs and facial features) but he can turn into the classic pie-shaped icon for some of his attacks. He's well rounded in terms of speed, strength, jumping, launching power, move variety, and, um, general shape. His up and back aerials are good launchers but his forward aerial strangely isn't. His down aerial also isn't a meteor smash, though it can launch an opponent if the final strike of the kick flurry hits. All of his smash attacks are effective for launching as well. Thanks, ghosts! His grab is long range but slow thanks to using a tractor beam he borrowed from one of the enemies in Galaga. Pac-Man can wall jump for some reason.

  • Standard Special – Bonus Fruit: Summon fruit (and other things) that can be thrown. This move actually charges like certain other characters' energy projectiles. Press the button to start cycling through the fruit and then press it again to throw it. You can roll or guard to cancel the cycle but keep your place to pick up where you left off later. Resuming the charge works differently than it does for other characters' charging projectile attacks. Tapping the special button will throw the last fruit shown. Holding it will continue the cycle. Each fruit is more powerful than the last, even if it doesn't necessarily do more damage. They appear in the following order: Cherry (bounces twice and lands), strawberry (bounces thrice and lands), orange (travels in a straight line a medium distance and then disappears), apple (bounces four times and lands), melon (travels far and slowly in an arc, has good knockback), Galaxian ship (flies in a straight line, does a loop, and either continues in a straight line or at a 45 degree angle up), bell (travels high into the air but a short distance horizontally, drops down, passes through opponents, paralysing them momentarily and launching them), and key (travels far, fast, and straight, does good damage and has high knockback potential).

  • Side Special – Power Pellet: Summon a row of pellets with a power pellet at the end, then travel along the line and eat them. You can guide the line with the circle pad. The power pellet gives Pac-Man a boost of speed and power, meaning this move does more damage if you connect with the enemy after eating it. It does the most damage if the pellet is touching the enemy at the time. Try to end the line "inside" of an enemy.

  • Up Special – Pac-Jump: Bounce from one of the trampolines from Mappy. You (and other players) can bounce from the trampoline three times, each time higher than the last. Pac-Man will damage enemies on the way up.

  • Down Special – Fire Hydrant: Summon a fireplug that will spray water to the sides or straight up, pushing friend and foe alike. Try dropping the hydrant down on top of someone, since it spawns from Pac-Man himself.

  • Final Smash – Super Pac-Man: Pac-Man eats a power pellet and a super pellet from the classic (?) arcade game Super Pac-Man. This makes him huge and allows him move freely in four directions, devouring enemies he comes in contact with and launching their eyes, their only remaining bodyparts, away from the stage. If Pac-Man moves over the left or right border of the stage, he'll reappear on the other edge.

Mega Man

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - Characters (Page 2)Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - Characters (Page 2)

Well, at least someone is giving the Blue Bomber work these days. Mega Man plays remarkably like he does in his classic NES games. He has a focus on projectiles, with even his neutral A attack being his standard Mega Buster. His side smash is his iconic charged shot, which is a great launcher with great range, but his up and down smashes are powerful too. In fact, his standard up attack is a great upwards launcher. His up aerial attack, the Air Shooter, can carry enemies away, and his down aerial, the Hard Knuckle, does pretty good damage. His down A attack is his sliding move, which is good for closing distances, not that you'll really need to do that with so many projectiles at your disposal.

  • Standard Special – Metal Blade: Fire this blade in one of 8 directions. Travels through enemies, and only one can be in play at a time, making it less spammable than it was in Mega Man 2. If it hits a wall or floor, anyone can pick it up and throw it. It does significantly more damage when thrown this way, strangely enough.

  • Side Special – Crash Bomber: Fire a bomb that can attach to enemies and explode. Can also attach to walls and explode. Mega Man can get caught in the blast and damaged. If it's stuck on you, touch someone else to pass it on to them like a gooey bomb.

  • Up Special – Rush Coil: Rush! Summon your trusty canine partner to act as a spring to propel you into the air. He'll stick around for a little while so you (or anyone else) can bounce on him again. Oddly, this sends you much higher than the first bounce.

  • Down Special – Leaf Shield: Summon a shield of four leaves that will damage enemies who get too close and negate projectiles. Press the button again to send it flying forward.

  • Final Smash – Mega Legends: Fire a Black Hole Bomb to suck enemies in and summon the various incarnations of Mega Man from Mega Man X, Mega Man Legends, Mega Man Battle Network, and Mega Man Star Force, who will team up and fire on the enemy all at once. Makes hardcore Mega Man fans cry.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - Characters (Page 2)Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - Characters (Page 2)

Blue streak speeds by, Sonic the Hedgehog is, appropriately, the fastest character in the game, since he's the fastest thing alive. This can make him difficult to control, since it can be tough to know when to unleash an attack without zipping right past your target. In the air, his back aerial is the best way to send foes flying. His down aerial sends him zipping down at an angle and is handy for getting your feet back on the ground asap so you can start running again, but don't use it anywhere you won't be able to land safely. His smash attacks are fine launchers, too. Naturally, he can wall jump.

  • Standard Special – Homing Attack: Float into the air and home in on an enemy that's probably close enough that you can easily hit them with a regular attack anyway.

  • Side Special – Spin Dash: Charge it by holding the button and then blast forward in a ball. You can change directions while rolling. Press a direction and the attack button while rolling to do one of your aerial attacks. Press either attack button while rolling to jump into the air, still in a ball.

  • Up Special – Spring Jump: Place a spring and bounce off of it into the air. If you use this on the ground, the spring will stay on the ground for a while and anyone can bounce from it. Bounce from this spring a second time and then do the move again in the air to bounce even higher. You can damage an enemy by using this in the air and dropping the spring on their head, but it doesn't do much.

  • Down Special – Spin Charge: Hold down on the circle pad and mash the special button to charge this. It's... basically the same as the Spin Dash, complete with jumping and linking to aerials.

  • Final Smash – Super Sonic: Gather the seven Chaos Emeralds and become Super Sonic. You can fly in this mode and are invincible. Hit enemies at high speeds to damage them. You can't be KO'd in this mode, even if you fly off screen, but if it runs out while you're too far away from a platform to recover, you're out of luck.

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