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- Not every character can triple jump, but some have side special moves that will send them forward to compensate. Some have both.

- After you use a move specifically designed for recovery like an up special, you'll usually be helpless as you fall to the ground. You won't be able to attack and will have only limited control over how you fall. When trying to recover, use these moves last. However, if you are attacked while you're helpless, you'll be able to act again. Don't attack enemies that are falling to their deaths if they're helpless! Characters are helpless if they're flashing.

- Heavy characters won't flinch if hit with weak attacks with low damage.

- If a move comes out straight to the side, such as Shulk's side smash attack, it might be possible to tilt it slightly up or down with the control stick as it comes out. Experiment to see what works.

- Some moves will momentarily raise your resistance to flinching. This is called Super Armor.

- Who to use in regular battles is largely a matter of taste, but specific characters have an advantage in minigames and Classic boss battles. Use whoever you want, but choose your character wisely if your goal is performing well in a specific mode.

- It's better to grab a healing item you don't need than let your opponent use it.

- You can eat food while lying on the ground, if you get knocked down.

- You can catch items throw your way with a well-timed press of the A button. This is tricky, but it can save your life.

- By touching a character portrait on the bottom screen, a box will appear around them. This helps you keep track of them. The box won't disappear when the character teleports, so you can tell which way they're moving before they reappear.

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