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Target Blast is essentially Angry Birds. A bomb with a timer will start counting down as soon as you touch it, either with an attack or just by bumping into it. It will explode after ten seconds. Damage the bomb to send it farther. What attack you use to send it off will have a great effect on where it ends up exploding. It's possible to overshoot the targets entirely.

Your ultimate goal is to destroy as many targets as possible, though you can also destroy trophy and custom part icons to collect those. You have two rounds, and anything destroyed in the first round will remain destroyed in the second. Destroy all of the large targets for a "perfect" bonus of 30,000 points. Destroying them all in the first round will immediately earn you the bonus and reset the entire course for the second round, giving you the opportunity to do it again.

There are wooden blocks and stone blocks in the way. Wooden ones are easier to destroy than stone ones but stone ones can destroy wooden ones and targets if they happen to fall on top of them.

If you time it right, the bomb will explode closer to the middle of the field (as opposed to right next to the wall or floor) and many targets will be caught in its blast radius. Tiny explosive blocks will explode after a few seconds if they're touched by the bomb or another block, so use those to your advantage.

Up smash attacks are often a good way to damage the bomb without accidentally sending it flying. You'll do more damage in a short time if you don't charge your attacks, though charging the first one (before the timer starts) might be a good idea. Keep in mind, though, that your ultimate goal here is accuracy, not distance. Damaging the bomb as much as possible might not be the best way to get it to explode where you want it to.

There's one particular strategy that people have been using to get a high score. As Villager, start by doing a dash attack at the bomb, then hit it with your neutral standard attack a few times until damage reaches 25%. Then unleash an uncharged side smash attack when it reaches about 4 seconds or so. If you did it right, it will land on top of a small vertical wooden piece, next to a bomb block. With a bit of luck, the resulting chain reaction will destroy all of the red targets in one round, giving you the bonus and unlocking the challenge for destroying all of the red targets. At the very least, this should set things up to make it easier to finish the remaining red targets off in the second round. You might have to try this a few times to get the timing just right.

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