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Smash Run features quite a few enemies, mostly cameos from other games, with a few that were originally created for Brawl's Subspace Emissary mode. A random set of enemies will be seeded at the start of a run. Only a few specific enemies will appear in a single game of Smash Run. They spawn randomly, which often isn't a good thing, since random chance can lead to you going up against several very powerful enemies at one time. Clearing out a group of smaller enemies surrounding a stronger one doesn't always work, either, since they can also respawn before you're done.

The more effort it takes to take down an enemy, the more stat boosts and upgrades you'll earn. That doesn't always mean it's worth it, though, since you can just as easily lose things by being KO'd by one. (Or by taking so much damage you're likely to be KO'd shortly after you do manage to defeat them.)

Enemies will flash red when they're close to running out of HP. You can also defeat many of them by knocking them out of the screen, but this will earn you fewer prizes.

Enemies can be sent flying when they're beaten, and will damage or even defeat other enemies if they hit them.

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - EnemiesSuper Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - Enemies

  • Bacura - These rotating slabs from Xevious cannot be damaged or destroyed. They'll reflect projectiles sent their way. They move straight down, so just ignore them and let them pass. Don't touch them, they will damage and meteor smash you.

  • Banzai Bill - Giant Bullet Bills that will seek you out, crash into the ground, and explode. They move slowly and are predictable, and give lots of loot when defeated, so they're worth the effort to take them out.

  • Bill Blaster - The cannons from classic Mario games that fire Bullet Bills. They can be defeated with enough effort. They have a limited amount of ammo and will drop more goodies if defeated before it runs out. Sometimes it will fire a Poppant instead of a Bullet Bill.

  • Bubble - These fiery, winged skulls come in two flavours: red and blue. Red ones will burn you, while blue ones will freeze you. Take them out from a distance, if you can.

  • Bonkers - This big brute will cream you with his hammer if you let him. He throws bombs ahead in an arc sometimes, too. He's somewhat slow and predictable. Roll behind him when he's about to swing and get a few hits in on him. Takes some punishment, but leaves lots of stuff behind.

  • Boom Stomper - A giant... rock, I guess... with a leaf on its head. It will try to get close and fall on top of you. It takes a lot of punishment, but the leaf on its head is its weak point. Lure it close and let it fall, roll backwards, then smash the leaf.

  • Bronto Burt - These cute pink flying guys are pretty weak, but they might swoop in to attack you. They're not much of a threat, though.

  • Bulborb - A big red thing from Pikmin that will try to chomp you. Its movements are pretty basic.

  • Bullet Bill - They'll travel in a straight line until they see you, at which point they'll aim themselves at you. Don't let them crash into you, but you can take them head on with a powerful enough attack, like a smash attack. They have very little health.

  • Bumpity Bomb - Wheeled bombs that will rush you and try to explode near you. You'll get some nice stuff if you take it out before it can explode, but if you can't, stay away from it. It can jump onto higher platforms. You can't attack it from the front, but it passes right across you, so it's pretty easy to take it out with an upward smash attack or something.

  • Chain Chomp - Chain Chomp bodies are invincible and very powerful, but thankfully, they only appear attached to posts, meaning they won't be able to reach you if you keep your distance. You can release them to defeat them by attacking the post enough times. Guard until you see them ready to pounce, then roll towards them to go past them and close to the post.

  • Chandlure - This chandelier-shaped Pokemon is not only immune to fire attacks, it will absorb them to become stronger. It can generate tornadoes made of fire. It doesn't have much health if you don't feed it, though.

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - EnemiesSuper Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - Enemies

  • Clubberskull - If you see a skull wrapped in chains, beware. Attack the chains and the Clubberskull will get lose. This guy has high attack and defense and long reach. They drop lots of loot, but it might be better to leave him chained up if you're not feeling confident.

  • Cryogonal - An icy snowflake Pokemon that fires ice beams. Sometimes the beams will travel straight ahead, and sometimes they'll curve towards you. The beams can travel through thin platforms.

  • Cucco - Don't confuse this 16-bit sprite version for the helpful item. Attacking this type will send a flock of murderous cuccos after you. Leave it alone!

  • Daphne - This flying flower enemy releases mines that explode on contact. Destroy them from a distance. Daphne itself is pretty weak.

  • Darknut - These things are a lot of fun in Zelda games. This heavily armoured knight will block frontal attacks. It has a lot of health, naturally. After it takes enough damage, its armour will fall off and it will start to move more quickly. They drop a lot of things.

  • Devil Car - Ugh. These things are a pain. They'll zoom back and forth, spinning and spraying paralysing smoke at you if they get close. They have a lot of HP and are not worth the effort.

  • Eggrobo - Eggman's robots will fire energy bullets and long-range lasers at you. They'll try to keep their distance from you, but you can take them out easily with a few projectiles. It's also possible to get close enough to melee them.

  • Flage - A green ghost with blades for arms that will remain invisible/intangible until it appears to strike. You can always see its shadow, though. When you know it's near, watch its shadow and wait for it to get close, then unleash a powerful strike as it appears. Alternatively, you can dodge its slash and then quickly get close and attack it.

  • Flame Chomp - Tiny, chomp-looking things with tails made of fireballs. They'll slowly float around and shoot the fireballs from their mouths. If they run out of fireballs, they'll explode. You won't get any items if they explode under their own power. They are more vigorous than they look, but they're not too tough if you avoid their tails.

  • Gastly - These ghost Pokemon are immune to physical attacks, but projectiles will defeat them easily.

  • Generator - This will generate smaller enemies (usually Mites) for a time, then disappear. Defeat it before it disappears for some prizes.

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - EnemiesSuper Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - Enemies

  • Ghost - These annoying little Find Mii ghosts carry shields that will block frontal attacks. Attacking them from other angles is tricky. You can grab the shield to get rid of it, though. This is easier said than done, since Ghosts fly.

  • Giant Goomba - Like a small Goomba, but giant. You can attack it normally, but it's more efficient to hop on its head a few times. They're worth the effort and leave a nice few items after they're squished.

  • Glice - A wheel-looking enemy with a blue trim that travels along surfaces. If it gets close, it will stop and emit a field of ice that will freeze you.

  • Glire - Like a Glice, except red and attacks with fire.

  • Glunder - One more Glice/Glire type enemy, except yellow and will try to shock you with electricity.

  • Goomba - The standard Mario enemy. Weak, and even weaker if you hop on its head to defeat it instantly.

  • Gordo - You may recognize these as the spiky black things that King Dedede tosses at you. They're not very mobile, but they're indestructible, so just leave them alone.

  • Hammer Bro. - Like the assist trophy, but mean. Throws hammers in an arc. Doesn't take that much damage to go down.

  • Iridescent Glint Beetle - These little critters won't attack you, but you should brutalize them anyway, because they drop gold in proportion to how hard you smack them. After you send them flying 5 times (or after enough time has passed), they'll burrow into the ground and leave.

  • Kihunter - These flying bugs from Metroid will float lazily spitting globs of green goo at you and maybe charging at you if they see you. They don't have much health.

  • Koffing - This noxious Pokemon will spray poison gas around itself, trapping you and lowering your stats while it damages you. It doesn't take much power to get rid of it, but don't approach it while it's spraying gas.

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - EnemiesSuper Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - Enemies

  • Koopa Paratroopa - The green ones float horizontally and the red ones vertically. Hop on them once to knock them to the ground and turn them into regular Koopa Troopas.

  • Koopa Troopa - Paratroopas that are already on the ground. Hop on them to defeat them and turn them into Koopa Shells, which you can throw. Alternatively, you can just attack them the normal way.

  • Kritter - Ugly Kremlings from Donkey Kong games. They take a moderate amount of damage and can spin with their arms out to attack you. Not a big threat.

  • Lakitu and Spinies - Lakitu floats around on his cloud, throwing spinies at you. Don't touch the spinies, but you can defeat the Lakitu easily. This version is 3D, unlike its assist trophy counterpart, which is an 8-bit sprite.

  • Lethinium - This mean grounded flower enemy will fire laser beams at you, which can travel through things. Take them out as quickly as possible.

  • Lurchithorn - This boney flying snake thing is made of segments that attack and can be destroyed individually. It's better to destroy the head, though, which will take all of the other parts out at once. If you destroy the other parts before the head, the head will try to fly away.

  • Magikoopa - These wizards fly around on brooms and fire magic projectiles that can lower your stats. They're easy to beat once you knock them down to earth, but they have more health than you might expect.

  • Mahva - This enemy doesn't do much, but it has a giant barrier that will repel attacks. Other enemies can hide inside of the barrier. You can destroy the barrier by hitting it a few times.

  • Megonta - A huge, round bug with a strong shell. Attack its tiny underbelly to damage it. Hit it hard enough and you can make it roll onto its back, exposing its weak point more widely for a while. Drops lots of stuff.

  • Metroid - These annoying things will float onto your head and chew on it, continuously damaging you. They have a lot of health.

  • Mettaur - These classic Mega Man enemies hide under their helmets and fire projectiles if you're far enough away. You'll have to wait for them to pop out to attack them normally, but you can simply grab and throw them to defeat them more easily.

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - EnemiesSuper Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - Enemies

  • Mimicutie - Oh, you found a chest! Neat! Oh, wait, too bad, it's sprouting uncomfortably sexy legs and kicking you in the face. These things are fast and powerful with a lot of HP, but they leave lots of nice prizes when defeated.

  • Mite - These little dudes are tiny and weak, but they usually appear in swarms, often from Generators. Use an attack with a wide range, like a downward smash, when you get surrounded.

  • Monoeye - Classic Kid Icarus enemies that mostly just float around lazily and occasionally fire projectiles. There's not much to these guys.

  • Nutski - There certainly are a lot of Kid Icarus enemies in this game. These floating acorn cyclopes fire projectiles, either in bursts of small ones or one large one. They don't take much punishment and the projectiles can be reflected if your character is into that.

  • Octorok - These things hide in the grass if you're too close. They pop out to spit rocks at you from a distance. Hit them with projectiles from far away, or simply pluck them from the ground with a grab.

  • Orne - You'll know you're fighting an Orne when the music changes to foreboding 8-bit chiptunes signalling your imminent doom. One touch from this thing and you're finished, so run far, far away from any you encounter. Can speed up and charge at you, but it still won't go that fast.

  • Parasol Waddle Dee - These nearly-harmless little things float down on parasols and then release them, allowing them to float away. The parasol can damage you a bit, and it can deflect projectiles, but these guys are mostly pushovers.

  • Peahat - These big flying plants release smaller Peahats that can damage you. These smaller ones can be destroyed easily, but the big mama one will take a bit more punishment.

  • Petlil - These adorable little Pokemon will spray sleep powder at you, which is annoying, so they must die.

  • Plasma Wisp - They're green and floaty, firing energy projectiles at you. They can be reflected or absorbed with the right skillset.

  • Polar Bear - Large with lots of HP. It will stomp the ground, causing you to fly up into the air, interrupting whatever you were doing. It's weak to fire and will be stunned by any fire attack, but if you don't have one, use up smashes to send it up into the air where it can't hurt you.

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - EnemiesSuper Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - Enemies

  • Pooka - These classic Dig Dug enemies can turn mostly-invisible and pass through walls. They're easy to beat, stopping and inflating as they take damage. They'll pop when they're defeated, doing a bit of damage to surrounding enemies. If those surrounding enemies happen to be more Pookas, they'll start a chain reaction.

  • Poppant - This little guy will run away from you, throwing things. It's more interested in self-preservation than attacking you. If you can defeat it, you're guaranteed to get something good.

  • Reaper - These guys will start freaking out when they see you, summoning tiny Reapettes to attack you. They can see through walls, because they're jerks. Get close and up smash them repeatedly to keep them stunned and prevent them from summoning their terrible little friends.

  • ReDead - It's a zombie! They're slow and lumbering, but can let out a screech that will paralize you while they swipe at you. They're not too big of a threat, though.

  • Reo - Its name is Reo and it dances on the sand. They float left and right until they see you, at which point they'll swoop down to try to hit you. They are pretty weak.

  • Roturret - These hang in the air, rotating to aim their two guns at you, but the guns are spaced so far apart that bullets will likely just fly past you on either side if you're standing still. On top of that, you will totally mess up their aim if you hit them, sending them spinning. These are well worth the effort they take to destroy.

  • Shotzo - These cannons will aim at you and fire slow-moving projectiles. They can't be destroyed, so just avoid their attacks and move on.

  • Shy Guy - These come in a rainbow of colours, making them pleasing to look at for the half second it takes to defeat them. They're more likely to drop stat boosts that match the colour of their clothes.

  • Skuttler - What are these? Starfish? There are three types of Skuttlers, with this being the least threatening. They're unremarkable, except they take a bit more than the minimum amount of force to defeat.

  • Skuttler Cannoneer - These are more annoying. They carry cannons that fire huge, penetrating lasers from a distance, or homing missiles. Take these out as soon as you can, because they will get in your way when fighting other enemies.

  • Skuttler Mage - This wizard will target you with visible crosshairs and cast spells. The crosshairs will stop before the spell is cast, so the attack can be avoided.

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - EnemiesSuper Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - Enemies

  • Sneaky Spirit - These move along the ground by popping down into it and then back up in a new spot. They follow a pattern, so strike them when they pop up to defeat them. They drop helpful star stat boosts, which raise all of your stats.

  • Souflee - These sweet-looking enemies won't attack you. They move very quickly and are tough to hit, but they drop loads of goodies, so try to take them out when you see them.

  • Spike Top - A Buzzy Beetle (from Mario) with a spike on top. Don't jump on it, obviously. Attack it from the side or grab it. Projectiles won't work on it unless you manage to knock it down first.

  • Stalfos - These powerful skeletons take a good bit of damage, but they drop a lot of loot when defeated. They can block frontal attacks with their shields. Try to get behind them, but watch out for their swords.

  • Starman - Teleports around, firing PK Beams. They can be tough to hit since they teleport, and they take a decent amount of damage, but if you're able to reflect their PK Beam back at them, you can take them out instantly.

  • Tac - This thing will reach out and steal stat boosts from you, then run away. Defeat it before it escapes to get your stuff back. It's pretty harmless when you first start Smash Run and have nothing to steal.

  • Tiki Buzz - A flying bongo drum. It will drop down on you. You can defeat it with one hit by jumping on top of it.

  • Waddle Dee - These cute little guys are practically harmless, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't murder them and steal their stat boosts.

  • Waddle Doo - A freaky mutant Waddle Dee with one giant eye. It uses a beam whip at short range. Still not very threatening.

  • Zoomer - These spiky aliens crawl along surfaces. They'll damage you a bit if you attack them, but not very much. You'll probably be able to defeat them with one blow anyway. ("You should see the OTHER guy!")

  • Zuree - You can't damage these when they're appearing as mist. They'll solidify right before they attack you, so take them out then. Easier to do if you're standing still.

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