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Your ultimate goal is to win the final battle. Your placement in this battle will determine the quality of the prizes you've picked up. The type of battle is random, but it is usually some spin on a four-player free-for-all, though sometimes you'll be playing on teams of two instead.

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  • 300% Smash - All participants have 300% damage by default, and, as such, are very easy to KO.
  • Climb! - Climb the platforms as high as you can before time runs out. It looks like there might be a maximum height you can travel, but there isn't. Some characters are naturally bad at this and if you didn't find the right power ups, you'll be out of luck. Double jumps are generally (but not always) faster than triple jumps. Wall jumping can help you out, too, if your character can do it. Don't touch the orange spikes, they'll kill you. Eventually, smart bombs will start dropping, which won't kill you but they will slow you down. They drop directly on top of you so they're more likely to hit you if you're jumping up in a straight line. Once they start falling, mix it up a bit and zig zag on your way up as much as you can.
  • Easy Launch - Launch resistance is greatly decreased. Otherwise, it's a standard battle.
  • Explosive Smash - Lots of explosive items spawn, such as smart bombs and bob-ombs.
  • Flower Smash - All participants have giant flowers on their heads, constantly draining their health.
  • Glorious Smash - Four players on an Omega stage with no items. Basically a For Glory match from online.
  • Mega Smash - Everyone is giant, as though they've eaten mushrooms.
  • Multi-Man Smash - Defeat as many Miis as you can within the time limit. This is pretty much exactly like the Multi-Man Smash event, except you'll be comparing your score to other players.
  • Mushroom Smash - Lots of mushrooms spawn, both of the super and poison variety.
  • Mr. Saturn Smash - A standard Smash with only Mr. Saturn items. Guarding isn't safe here.
  • Reflect Smash - All players have Franklin Badges equipped, making projectiles dangerous.
  • Run! - Race to the finish. Avoid the glowing orange things because they'll explode and kill you. If you're playing as a slow character and weren't lucky enough to find enough speed power ups, there's not much you can do about it. Sometimes the dumb computer players will kill themselves to give you a fighting chance.
  • Smash - Just a Smash. That's it. Nothing special about it.
  • Stamina Smash - All participants have HP (like Classic bosses) instead of damage meters. Last man standing wins. Just because they have HP, that doesn't mean you can't KO them by knocking them out of the ring.
  • Warp Star Smash - Warp Stars spawn often and other items don't spawn at all.
  • Vs. Enemy Team - Fight waves of enemies (like Goombas or Waddle Dees) under a time limit. Whoever KO's the most enemies wins.

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