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There are two different kinds of events in Smash Run: Ones that simply happen randomly as you explore, and ones that take place behind doors. The ones behind doors are more rewarding, but often more difficult. Some of them might kill you if you're not careful.

Random Events

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - Events

  • Big Haul - More treasure chests appear for awhile. Run around to find as many as possible.
  • Bonus Time – More stat boosts appear from chests and enemies.
  • Fast Learner - More of a specific stat boost will appear.
  • Final Battle Forecast – Gives a big hint at what the final battle will be.
  • [Enemy] Fest – Tons of one type of small enemy will appear. Other enemies will disappear.
  • Gale – A powerful wind blows in all directions for a while.
  • Shrunk – Get tiny for a while.
  • Heavenly Light – A column of light appears around your character, lightly damaging enemies above and directly next to them.
  • Treasure Hunt – An arrow appears, pointing to a treasure chest some distance away. The arrow disappears after a while.
  • Treasure Room - An arrow will point you to a room with three treasure chests in it. This room seems to always appear in the same spot.
  • Warp – Get warped to another random location.
  • Arena – This doesn't really have a name. If you end up on a platform and you see a flash and suddenly a ton of enemies appear, you have a set time limit to defeat a certain number of enemies. If you succeed, you'll get a big stat boost. If you fail, the enemies will disappear. Even if you fail, you'll still get stat boosts and items for the enemies you managed to defeat.

Events Behind Doors

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - Events

  • Target Smash – Break all of the targets. Harder difficulties have more targets and a floor that can kill you if you step on them while they're glowing. Dying in here will have the same effect as dying in the main stage.
  • Survive – Try not to get KO'd within the time limit. Medium difficulty has an Orne and a Souflee, and several layers of platforms. Don't touch the Orne, or you'll die instantly. Hard difficulty has a polar bear to send you flying into the air, into a rocket barrel, which will blow you out of the ring. If you have a fire-based move, you should be able to take him out pretty easily. Dying here will decrease your stats.
  • Defeat Them All – Defeat all of the enemies that show up. Harder difficulties have tougher enemies, of course. They come in waves and the next wave won't spawn until every enemy in the current one is gone.
  • Treasure Room – Simply a room full of treasure chests, stat bonuses, or food. Make sure to grab the 2x power up first, if there is one.
  • Crystal Smash – Break the crystals as fast as you can. Uncharged smash attacks are more efficient than charged ones. Breaking off small branches will reveal weak points that can be used to destroy the bigger crystals faster.
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