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All-Star mode is unlocked from the beginning this time. You'll have to fight the entire roster of characters in groups of 5, 6, or 7 in the order in which they first appeared in video games. Items are turned off. Three foes will appear at a time and they'll all gang up on you (like a team battle where they're on one team and you're by yourself) but you do much more damage than normal to compensate. Most combatants can be taken out with a couple of powerful blows if you're playing as a heavy hitter.

Your health doesn't replenish between battles, but you do get to take a break between battles where a selection of healing items will be waiting for you. There's one Maximum Tomato, one Fairy Bottle, and one Heart Container. Remember that the Fairy Bottle can only heal you if you're at 100% damage or more. These items are all you'll get, so use them wisely. Health-restoring moves don't work between matches, so don't get cute!

Trophies and other collectibles might appear in the area between matches, so keep an eye out for them. You'll also earn a trophy of your character in an alternate costume for clearing the mode.

Once you've unlocked all of the hidden characters, this mode will be upgraded to include them. You'll also get an extra Heart Container to keep things fair.

The credits minigame from Classic Mode is playable after you clear All-Star mode. The image in the background will be different, but the rules are otherwise the same.

You can play All-Star mode with a friend, provided they're in the same room. No online play! Sorry.

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