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Smash Bros. stages are much more dynamic than the stages in other fighting games. Most stages feature hazards that will have a big effect on the match. This 3DS version focuses largely, but not entirely, on stages based on handheld games.

This new game features a mix of old and new stages, many of which are based on handheld games. Holding R while stage will cause an alternate piece of background music to play during the battle. Pressing X before selecting a stage will take you to the "Omega" version of that stage. Omega stages are perfectly flat, like Final Destination, and no events occur. No minigames in the WarioWare stage. No reset bomb in the Reset Bomb Forest. No anything anywhere. Omega stages basically turn every stage into an alternate skin for Final Destination, which is great if you enjoy playing on Final Destination a lot but get tired of the same background and music every time.

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