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There are a whopping 71 items in this game, not counting the different Pokemon and Assist Trophies that can spawn. They have various effects and can be turned on or off in Smash mode's settings. Items are grouped by category.

Final Smash

Smash Ball - This will float around the stage until it's destroyed. It can take multiple hits to break it. Whoever deals the final blow will be able to use their Final Smash. If they're damaged before they can use it, though, they might drop it, and the Smash Ball will be up for grabs again.


Assist Trophy - Summon a game character to (probably) help you out. Which character pops out of the trophy is random.

Pokeball - Throw this and a Pokemon will pop out and help you out for a while. The Pokemon inside the ball is random.

Master Ball - Like a Pokeball, except it will (almost) always have a rare or legendary Pokemon inside of it.

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Dragoon Parts - Collect all three to build the Dragoon. Once it's completed, you'll fly off screen and a reticule will appear. Aim carefully and press the attack button to soar in and KO anyone you hit.

Daybreak Parts - Collect all three to create the Daybreak, a powerful laser cannon. You can only fire it once and it goes in a straight line in whichever direction you're facing. Does tons of damage and can launch enemies.


Containers - Break these open to get the items inside. Some of them will explode, so it's probably a good idea to throw them at people or attack them from a distance. Crates and barrels hold more items. Wheeled crates and barrels can roll if you attack/throw them or they land on a slope. Rolling containers can hurt people. Capsules hold one item, or perhaps nothing at all if you're unlucky. Party balls float up into the air and open after a few seconds once they're attacked. They might drop the same items as a crate, or a bunch of food or bob-ombs. It's a surprise.

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Blast Box - Like an exploding crate without the deception. This will always explode if you damage it enough. Will explode immediately with even the tiniest bit of fire damage.


Sandbag - Beat it up to make items fall out. Mostly drops food but also other things.

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Food - Often appears in groups. Each food item restores a small amount of health. The amount is dependant on how hearty the food item is. A turkey leg restores more than a peach, for example.

Maxim Tomato - Heals 50% damage.

Heart Container - Heals 100% damage.

Fairby Bottle - Heals 100% damage, but won't work at all if you've taken less than 100% damage.

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Super Mushroom - Makes you huge. Raises your attack and weight, making it easier for you to launch foes and harder to get launched yourself. Also makes you a bigger target.

Poison Mushroom - Looks like a Super Mushroom but the colouring is different and it has an angry face. Makes you tiny. Lowers your attack and launcher power and makes it easy to get knocked away.

Warp Star - Sends you flying up into the air before crashing down with a big explosion. You can aim where it will land with the control stick, but be careful not to land somewhere there's no ground.

Super Star - Makes you completely invincible, but only for 10 seconds.

Metal Box - Makes you totally metal. You won't flinch when attacked and it'll be more difficult to get knocked away, but you'll fall much faster.

Bunny Hood - Run faster and jump higher. Really handy for slow and heavy characters.

Superspicy Curry - Run around with fire bursting from your mouth. This will damage enemies.

Timer - Makes all enemies move slowly, except for those few times when it makes you move slowly instead.

Lightning - Shrinks all of your foes. Or, if you're unlucky, it might just shrink you instead.

Bullet Bill - Transform into a Bullet Bill and zoom in a straight line. You can choose which direction you'll burst off into. Once you transform back, you'll jump back a fair bit automatically, so don't worry too much about using this near the edge of a stage.

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Beam Sword - The stronger the attack you use when swinging this, the farther it will stretch, meaning you can hit even distant foes with it.

Lip's Stick - Plants a flower on a foe's head to sap their energy. The more damage you do, the bigger the flower will be.

Star Rod - Side and Smash attacks will make this weapon fire stars. Has limited ammo.

Fire Bar - A line of fireballs that gets shorter as you use it.

Ore Club - Very strong, and will create small or large whirlwinds to push people away if you do side or smash attacks.

Hammer - Become a berserker and swing this hammer like a maniac. Does huge damage, but if the head happens to fall off, you'll be stuck swinging a harmless stick. A foe can grab the detached hammer head and throw it at the helpless stick waver to KO them with irony.

Home-Run Bat - Connect with a smash attack to get an instant KO! That's easier said than done, however, since it takes a while to wind up and its reach is really short.

Golden Hammer - Like the hammer, but even deadlier. Swings with more maniacal ferocity. Does more damage and has higher launching power. You can float in the air while using it by tapping the jump button. Just pray you don't pick up the rare squeaky variety, because that never ends well.

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Super Scope - Fire a flurry of small shots or charge it up to launch bigger, more powerful ones.

Ray Gun - Fires quick laser blasts that can knock an enemy back and into the air. With some finesse, you can juggle them all the way out of the stage.

Fire Flower - A pretty botanical flamethrower. Hold the button to unleash a stream of fire. Will run out eventually, though.

Gust Bellows - Hold the attack button to blow enemies back with a stream of wind. Great for edge guarding. Will spin around and blow in random directions if you drop it.

Steel Diver - a submarine-shaped gun that fires torpedoes. The torpedoes take a moment to start moving.

Drill - Fire a drill that pushes enemies away while damaging them. Toss the base when you're done.

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Bob-omb - Pick this simple bomb up and throw it to damage enemies with an explosion. Leave them alone for a while and they'll get bored and start wandering around, looking for someone to obliterate.

Motion-Sensor Bomb - Plant this on a surface and try to remember where it is. It will explode when someone gets too close to it.

Gooey Bomb - Gets stuck to whoever you throw it at and explodes after a time. If it's stuck on you, try to pass it on to someone else by touching them. Or at least try to get close to take others down with you. If you're going down, you're going down in flames!

Smart Bomb - Creates a huge explosion that repeatedly damages anyone caught in the blast. Sometimes these can be duds that won't explode on impact and will take a while to go off.

Bombchu - Cute lil' mouse bombs. Toss them onto a surface and they'll run along it until their fuses run out or they hit something.

X Bomb - Suspends in the air and explodes, sending out pillars of fire in four directions. Will either fire in a + shape or an x shape, depending on how you throw it.

Hocotate Bomb - Once thrown, it will fly up into the sky, stay there just long enough for people to forget about it, then crash down and explode. Can hurt enemies on its way up, too. Won't hurt the person who threw it.

Deku Nuts - Pick these up and throw them to stun an enemy. Will explode on their own after a time or if attacked.

Freezie - When broken, it freezes anyone near it in a chunk of ice. The more damage someone has taken, the harder it is to break out.

Smoke Ball - Can stick to an enemy or just sit on the ground. Sprays smoke in every direction, obscuring the area around it. Can be as much of a hindrance as it can be a help, since nobody can see what's going on.

Pitfall - Toss this at the ground to create a trap for people to fall into when they walk on it. Will trap someone in the ground for a time. Knocks enemies straight down if thrown at them while they're airborne.

Hothead - Attack this to make it grow and toss it to have it attach to a surface and continuously crawl along it, shocking foes.

Mr. Saturn - Won't do much damage, but he'll break any shield he hits. This has probably never actually happened, though.

Green Shell - Attack or throw it to send it speeding along the ground.

Banana Peel - Run across this and you might slip and fall on your butt. This was funny in the 1920s.

Bumper - Like a pinball bumper. Anyone who hits this will bounce off in the opposite direction.

Spring - A portable trampoline. Toss this under an enemy who is high in the air to cause them to bounce right out of the stage, if you feel like being skillful and hilarious. If it lands on its side, it can send you flying sideways if you touch it.

Unira - Toss or attack this to make its spikes pop out. Attack it again to make them retract. Won't hurt the person who made its spiked extend.

Soccer Ball - Picking it up is against the rules, but you can hit it hard to send it flying to damage anyone it smacks into.

Team Healer - Only shows up in Team Battles. You can't use it on yourself, but you can toss it at your teammate to heal them. Toss it at an enemy and it might damage them or heal them. Who knows?

POW Block - This block was a prisoner of war in Iraq, but now it's back to send people flying when it's attacked or thrown. Works on anyone who is standing on the ground, including, to a small extent, the person who used it.

Spiny Shell - When thrown, it will hang above someone's head like the Sword of Damocles before slamming down on top of them and exploding.

Boomerang - Toss this and it will plow through enemies and then return. Catch it to throw it again with even more power.

Beetle - Will fly in a straight line before grabbing someone and carrying them away. The more damage someone has taken, the harder it will be for them to escape. Attack it to send it flying back the way it came.

Cucco - Toss this at an enemy and a flock of angry chickens will swoop down and totally cluck them up. Hit one by accident and you will meet the same fate.

Beehive - Whoever this hits (or whoever hits it) will be accosted by a swarm of bees that will gradually sting them. One character is allergic and will swell up and die instantly if stung. (I might have made that last part up.)

Killer Eye - Toss this turret to activate it. It will slowly and steadily fire lasers in whatever direction it's facing. Hit it to turn it around. If it lands on its back, it will fire straight up.

Boss Galaga - Toss this and it will seek out an enemy to carry away in its tractor beam. Heavily damaged enemies have less hope of escaping. Attack it a few times and it will be deafeated.

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Franklin Badge - Wear this badge to become immune to projectiles. They'll bounce right off, back to their sources.

Back Shield - Protects you from attacks from behind. Will break after taking too much damage.

Screw Attack - Turns every jump into Samus' up special.

Super Leaf - Become a furrie that can float in the air by holding the jump button.

Rocket Belt - Come on, guys, it's a jetpack. Hold the jump button to fly into the sky. Its fuel is somewhat limited but will replenish when you're on the ground.

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - Items


Special Flag - Press the attack button to hold up this flag and gain a KO point (in timed matches) or a life (in stock matches). Takes forever to work and can be interrupted easily. You can't cancel it yourself once you start using it.

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