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If you so desire, you can create characters based on the Miis stored in your system. The Mii's height has a small effect on the speed and power of the fighter. Taller Miis are stronger but slower, and vice versa.

Customizing Miis is basically like customizing other characters. You can assign them three pieces of equipment to raise and lower their stats. There are three classes to choose from, each with three possible assignments for each of its four special move slots. Most of these moves are very clearly lifted from other characters. Unlike most main characters, Mii special moves are all available from the start.

You can customize a Mii's appearance with one piece of headgear and one outfit. The colour of the outfit is determined by the Mii's favourite colour. Headgear is for anyone but outfits are unique to specific classes.You will unlock these by completing challenges as simply collecting them randomly as you play.

Miis can be used in most modes, but not With Anyone online modes. Miis all share one high score for each mode on the character select screen, but you can still earn class-specific trophies for them by clearing Classic and All-Star modes.


Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - MiisSuper Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - Miis

Brawlers play similarly to Little Mac, though less speedy on the ground and less useless in the air. They can move quickly and jump high. Even their non-smash attacks have decent launching power. Their attacks are decently quick but lack a lot of range since they don't use weapons. You can adjust the height of their side attack by tilting the circle pad slightly up or down. All of their ground attacks are good launchers, especially their smashes. Their down smash attacks both sides at the same time, but it's not a low attack, not that it really matters. Their down aerial functions as a meteor smash of the flash connects, and all of its aerials fuction well as launchers otherwise. Even its neutral aerial is ok, and, despite how it looks, it does connect using any part of the Mii's body, not just its one foot. The Brawler can wall jump.

  • Standard 1 – Shot Put: Throws an iron ball in an arc. Doesn't travel far but is pretty damaging for a projectile.
  • Standard 2 – Ultimate Uppercut: A chargeable uppercut. Guard or roll to cancel the charge and store the power.
  • Standard 3 – Exploding Side Kick: A kick that explodes and moves you to the side. Who would have guessed? Windup takes a moment but does some nice damage.

  • Side 1 – Onslaught: Rush forward. If you connect with the enemy, you'll do a flurry of kicks and finish them off with an uppercut. Leaves you helpless if you miss in the air. A decent recovery move if your up special isn't doing the trick.
  • Side 2 – Burning Dropkick: Charge it up and let it fly. The longer you charge it, the farther it will travel and the more damage it will do.
  • Side 3 – Headache Maker: Leap forward a bit (farther if you're already in the air) and come down with a big punch.

  • Up 1 – Soaring Axe Kick: Flip up into the air and slam down with a kick. Does damage on the way up and down. Slams enemies down. Has a bit of horizontal control, but not much, and it does slam you straight down, so be careful not to fall.
  • Up 2 – Helicopter Kick: Lift a foe into the air with a series of kicks, then kick them away. Travels diagonally, but isn't great for recovery.
  • Up 3 – Piston Punch: Rise into the air with a flurry of fists, dragging anyone nearby with you.

  • Down 1 – Head-On Assault: Leap into the air and crash straight down, headfirst. This buries enemies in the ground.
  • Down 2 – Feint Jump: A jump out of danger that leaves you invincible for a moment. Press the attack button again to do a diagonal flying kick back the way you came.
  • Down 3 – Foot Flurry: A kick combo that sends you forward, if you're on the ground. If you're in the air, you'll hover in place and kick straight down.

  • Final Smash – Omega Blitz: Launch the foe up into the air and pummel them with a combo before smashing them down into the ground. It's basically Great Aether with fists and feet.


Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - MiisSuper Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - Miis

Swordfighters have more average movement speed and jump power than their Brawler counterparts. Their attacks don't do a lot of damage, but they're quick. Their attacks tend to sweep, making it easier to hit foes, or multiple foes at once. They have pretty good launching power with a lot of their ground attacks, though not exceptional. Their side and especially up smashes get the job done. The up smash is an upward combo with a powerful final strike. If you catch an enemy just right with their down aerial, they'll be caught in a combo and slammed into the ground. Whether it hits or not, it does splash damage when it lands. Their front aerial is a combo as well. Their neutral aerial has a wide area of attack, but it's slow and not terribly powerful. They have some basic defensive abilities in their down specials.

  • Standard 1 – Gale Strike: Swing your sword to send a tornado whirling forward. More for damage than knockback.
  • Standard 2 – Shuriken of Light: Throw a shuriken straight ahead. Does more damage the farther it travels, but it does have a limited range.
  • Standard 3 – Blurring Blade: A flurry of sword strikes and a big finisher. Charge it for more power.

  • Side 1 – Airborne Assault: Flip forward through the air and rebound off a foe. Or go flying to your death if you're not careful. You can increase the distance/power/odds of failure by charging it for a moment.
  • Side 2 – Slash Launcher: Slash through anyone in your path. Sends them into the air. Can be charged to increase distance and power.
  • Side 3 – Chakram: Toss a chakram that can me aimed slightly up or down with the circle pad. Smash throw it to get more distance and power.

  • Up 1 – Stone Scabbard: Leap into the air and come crashing down to the ground. Does splash damage when it lands.
  • Up 2 – Skyward Slash Dash: A flurry of slashes that sends you in any direction you choose, even straight down.
  • Up 3 – Hero's Spin: Spin Attack. It's Link's Spin Attack. It works like Link's Spin Attack. Charge it for more power, lifts you if you use it in the air.

  • Down 1 – Blade Counter: A simple counterattack like any other. Damage is relative to the incoming damage negated.
  • Down 2 – Reversal Slash: Sends projectiles back the way they came. Also turns enemies around if they're close enough.
  • Down 3 – Power Thrust: Dashes ahead with a flurry of strikes on the ground, or diagonally down in the air.

  • Final Smash – Final Edge: Sends out a cone of shockwaves that spread as they get farther from their source.


Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - MiisSuper Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS screenshot - Miis

Gunners are slow on the ground but can jump a respectable height. Their attacks aren't that powerful, but their strength comes from their range. Many of their attacks have really good range, including their standard attacks. Their side smash attack makes it tough to approach them from the side, thanks to its range. It doesn't have very good launching power, though. The explosion from their down smash pulls the enemy behind your Mii, following up with another blast that sends them flying backwards. Their upward smash hits multiple times, with the final burst launching the foe. Their forward, up, and down aerials have nice range and their up and back aerials are good launchers. Their down aerial is a meteor smash that can be a bit tricky to land since it's so narrow. The Gunner can wall jump.

  • Standard 1 – Charge Blast: Just like Samus' move. Press the button to start charging and press again to fire. Energy can be stored.
  • Standard 2 – Laser Blaze: Fire a rapid laser that doesn't make foes flinch.
  • Standard 3 – Grenade Launch: Toss a grenade in an arc that explodes when it hits anything. The distance of the grenade depends on how long you hold the button.

  • Side 1 – Flame Pillar: Fire diagonally at the ground to create a pillar of flame that hangs around for a bit.
  • Side 2 – Stealth Burst: A stealthy shot that travels forward as long as you hold the button and explodes when you release it. The farther it travels, the more damage it does.
  • Side 3 – Gunner Missile: A slow, weak missile homes in on an enemy and explodes. Alternatively, input it like a smash attack to fire a more powerful, faster missile that doesn't home.

  • Up 1 – Lunar Launch: Shoot a flame down to propel yourself into the air. The flame can damage enemies.
  • Up 2 – Cannon Uppercut: A downward blast, followed by an uppercut. Works well as a one-two combo on the ground, and the blast can meteor smash airborne enemies.
  • Up 3 – Arm Rocket: Doesn't do damage, but launches you a great distance. You can aim it in any non-downward direction.

  • Down 1 – Echo Reflector: Reflects projectiles back at their sources with a bit of an extra kick.
  • Down 2 – Bomb Drop: Drop a bomb that rolls forward a bit and explodes after a short time, or when it touches someone. Does more damage if it explodes the latter way.
  • Down 3 – Absorbing Vortex: Absorb enemy projectiles for health. Yum yum! Only works on energy projectiles, though, and not physical ones.

  • Final Smash – Full Blast: Fire a giant laser beam (assisted by two floating laser guns that appear) that does heavy damage. Can be aimed slightly up or down while it's firing.

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