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As this stage begins, note the E-tank to the left. You can use the power suit to break through the wall and grab it, if you like. Then it's time to get busy on the level's remainder.

Mega Man 6 screenshot - Stage TwoMega Man 6 screenshot - Stage Two

Start toward the right and pay attention to your movement. Mega Man slides, as there is a thin glaze of ice on the surface. Keep that in mind as you progress, blasting enemies in the corridor ahead. They slide around a lot, as well.

You'll come upon some of the shielded enemies that like to blast toward you, so be ready to jump or slide under them if possible. It's likely that you will take some damage here, but you can also hop to a higher ledge to partially avoid the issue. The jet suit can help with that. Keep moving and you'll at last reach a ladder that you can climb to the next room.

Mega Man 6 screenshot - Stage TwoMega Man 6 screenshot - Stage Two

This room presents a spike pit. It also marks the game's introduction of the disappearing and reappearing blocks that have been a recurring staple of the franchise. Fortunately, in spite of the lethal threat along the floor, you don't have to worry much. You can simply switch to the jet suit and fly up so that you land on one of the blocks that appears near the room's upper right side. Then switch to the F. Blast weapon and melt the ice wall. Hop through it and you're done worrying about those blocks for another whole Mega Man title.

As you proceed, you'll next have to deal with some shielded cannons, but you are familiar with their tricks by now and should do just fine. Further to the right, you'll pass through an opening to arrive at a room with a special weapon power-up refill. You can use the jet suit to blast over to it and collect it, or you can simply drop through the next opening.

Mega Man 6 screenshot - Stage TwoMega Man 6 screenshot - Stage Two

Here, you'll notice conspicuous pits. You might be excused for imagining that enemies will jump out of them when you get close, but that doesn't happen. You will face some dangerous enemies along this route, however. They move back and forth at a sedate pace, until you hit them with shots. Then they try to rush you. Make sure that you hit them with charged shots first and finish them off quickly.

Near the far right side of the chamber, you'll need to make very small hops to advance safely from one ledge to the next, as you get closer and closer to a ceiling that is lined with spikes. If you're not sure of yourself, you might want to use the jet suit, though even that can be risky. Fortunately, the gate that leads to the boss battle waits on the right side of the area, so it's a short gauntlet.


The W. Storm special weapon is extremely effective against this foe, so using anything else would just be silly.

Mega Man 6 screenshot - Stage Two

Your foe will roll slowly toward you, issuing forth arced shots and occasionally bubbles at a similar trajectory. It wouldn't be much of a threat, if not for the fact that it likes to corner and crush you, if you give it time to get to your side of the screen.

Instead of doing that, hit it with your special weapon shots at the main body level, just below the gray cannon. With any luck, the tank won't make it more than three fourths of the way across the screen before heading for the scrap heap.

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