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Well, you've finally made it to the mad doctor's hideout. You've done well to defeat all eight of the robots, but your journey is not yet over. You're perhaps two thirds of the way, with the worst yet to come.

In case you don't have it handy, the password to reach this point in the game is: A-5, B-2,4, C-1,3,5, D-4,5, E-2.

Mega Man 2 screenshot - Dr. Wily's Castle

There are a total of six stages in this final leg of your journey. You do not get to choose the order in which you tackle these last stages, and each of them will put your knowledge of the weapons you possess to the test. By now, you should have four full energy tanks (if not, feel free to use the password offered at the end of the walkthrough for Heat Man's stage, as it takes you to this point in the game with the four tanks). There also are more tanks in the castle itself.

Mega Man 2 screenshot - Dr. Wily's Castle

Because the game does not generate passwords for these final areas, you'll have to tackle them all at once. Be sure to conserve your energy tanks as directed in this guide. You'll need them for the final few areas. With that said, let's get down to business!

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