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InFAMOUS: First Light screenshot - Violence in Seattle

You'll need to save one of Shane's men. By grabbing onto the whatever-that-is, Fetch can snipe enemies from a distance with explosive neon bolts. Use this to quickly take out the Akurans, then move on to the next set. Take out these other guys and then on to the third set.

InFAMOUS: First Light screenshot - Violence in Seattle

You're pretty much acting as a distraction now. There are more Akurans here, and more will come as you clear them out, so just keep sniping. If you're having trouble keeping track of where they are, remember to use your ping with L3. After they're all dead, you're done. From now on, hostages will appear on your map. Save them to complete challenges for skill points. It's worth noting that your Singularity won't hurt hostages but it will defeat the hostage takers so if you have one handy when you see a hostage situation, feel free to use it.

Now is a good time to get all of the collectibles, because you can also take care of any drive-by shootings or hostages you come across.

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