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Forums > Contributor Zone > Review of the Week: June 13-19 -- Back churning these things out. Lucky me.

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Author: overdrive (Mod)
Posted: September 09, 2022 (11:51 AM)
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Okay, after a couple month hiatus from doing these things, here I am to help clear out the backlog. If they're all like this week, it'll be pretty easy to polish off a bunch of them. Why? Because there is a total of one review for this week! So, congrats on winning, Dementedhut!

Let's see. Since I also talk about movies and I'll be doing something like eight of these over the next week or three, give or take, I'll just focus on one thing I've watched per post. This time, it's House/Hausu, a 1977 Japanese light-hearted horror film that is just a glorious mindtrip. A bunch of Japanese schoolgirls go to the house belonging to the aunt of one of them, only to be confronted with supernatural and utterly bizarre happenings. This movie is insane and glorious and everyone should watch it, if only to spend 90 minutes wondering just what the hell they're watching.

REVIEW OF THE WEEK (aka: Overdrive Place)

dementedhut's Evil Dead: The Game (PlayStation 5)

Has there ever been a truly good Evil Dead game? I know I played and reviewed one a handful of years ago and it went from "decent" to "please let it end" pretty quickly due to being repetitive as hell. And I got a lot of that vibe from this one, if not so pronounced. You did a good job of painting a picture of a game that has a lot of cool features to it and seems a lot of fun, but also contains a lot of frustration -- at least if you want to play as a demon, where it seems like you have to grind incessantly for your powers to hold their own against even a mediocre team of humans. Overall, I thought this was a balanced review that made note of a lot of interesting aspects to this game, while also bringing up its flaws. Making the end-paragraph sentiment of being a great tribute to Evil Dead that ALMOST succeeds at being a pure game. Which is as good a description of a lot of licensed games that I've ever seen.

One down, more to go!

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Author: dementedhut
Posted: September 10, 2022 (07:50 AM)
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Glad you enjoyed reading the review. I was actually worried when the review went up on the site, because the game received a balance patch on that very same day. But then I played a little bit again and realized nothing of value really changed and just completely dropped the game at that point.

It's a nice time waster of a game if you're just intent on playing as the Survivors/humans, but that's it. I didn't want to really compare it to other online asymmetrical games in the review, like Friday the 13th and Dead by Daylight, but as speaking as a game that just came out and was in its vanilla phase, it was ambitious in scope. It actually controls well for what it is and the maps are surprisingly big.

Again, the biggest knock against the game is that playing as the demon player is frustrating and is likely to give people a lot of anxiety; against a decent team you feel powerless, even after you've leveled up a lot and understand how the game works. Like I get it, you can't make the demon player TOO powerful because they'll win all the time, but the power scale in this game against a coordinated average team is ridiculous.

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