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Forums > Contributor Zone > ROTW: March 27 - April 3: Way Past Overdue

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Author: JoeTheDestroyer (Mod)
Posted: May 13, 2022 (01:17 AM)
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I honestly would like to belt these back issues of ROTW out pretty quickly. So I'll cut back on the chatter a bit and cut to the chase.

OD - Sonic & Knuckles
It's only natural if you review Sonic 3 that you MUST review S&K. You can't not do it that way. This is a good review, although I'm going to admit the Sonic 3 one was better. There's more passion here, which you demonstrate by illustrating how you think more of the high points in this game rather than the disappointing bits. The only complaint I have is one paragraph running down levels that felt a bit list-like. Otherwise, this is a fantastic review!

Jason - Kirby and the Forgotten Land ***REVIEW OF THE WEEK*
One thing I always appreciate about your review is how thorough they are. Pretty much any time I read one, I feel like I've just borrowed the game from someone for a weekend or rented it. This one is no exception, as it goes into great detail about what worked and what didn't work about this game. More than anything, this well-organized and thought out piece reinforces why I should probably pick this one up at some point.


I figured I could knock this one out quickly before moving on. I have some games I need to review, so I really should get crackin'.

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Author: honestgamer
Posted: May 13, 2022 (08:21 AM)
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Thanks for getting to these, Joe! They're light weeks, but a lot of times the field is still tight and it takes a lot of thought to decide on ranking. I'm glad you enjoyed the Kirby review and, if you are a Kirby fan, the game is a no-brainer despite its minor flaws. Thanks for the win!

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